Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 10

Citadel was fun and it sure was nice seeing Salma again. What was extra special was watching that love-sick puppy Karr cringe when he found out that Rexar was her husband. I kinda feel sorry for him a little. I mean I like Karr and all but he’s a bit of a bitch for bring a half Klingon half Vulcan. Must be the mixing that frells him up.

We decided to bug out because the heat was coming and none of us wanted to get cooked. Those attacks on the Federation demanded retribution and I don’t blame them. However, I wasn’t about to make it easy for them.

I love this life. After getting away from Denchar, I feel alive again. If only I could resolve things with Barty. He’s got my ship and has agreed to return it to me as soon as we can meet up again. We are going to hook up at the Miss Universe pageant and settle up. I got a big relief when I found out that it was actually Barty’s father that put the hit on me. He’s collecting the heads of 1 hundred male porn stars. I’m gonna’ feel bad killing Barty’s father but I’ll make it up to him somehow.

Well, anyway we bugged out and headed to Commerce Planet 02. Unfortunately Rexar frelled up his navigation course and dumped us out next to some blue planet. We picked up a weak distress call from a ship called the Krimea Dur. We decided to investigate being that there’s a bazillioin credit reward from the Klingon empire for finding this thing. Turned out to be the real deal so we downloaded the logs, manifest and such. We’ll cash in on this baby as soon as we get into a better bargaining position. We found a colony but decided to leave it be and continue out to Commerce Planet 2.

We arrived and when planet side for a little shopping and R&R. Not an hour on the surface and some drenhead takes a popshot at me. He managed to drop Trivia and Thuku by the time I was able to get cover and return fire. I took him out with one hit and we moved in to investigate. Not much left to investigate but I was able to score his rifle. Some weird 3 barrel thing that will need some repairs but I might be able to get Karr to put the whammy on it.

Tarak made contact with the boss. We met up with him and somehow convinced the crew to join the syndicate. I think this will be good for us. The syndicate has been great towards me and has been my only positive direction in life. I hope to foster the other member into the same successful career that I have had.

That dumbass Karr got hooked on slurm. That dren is wretched and I can’t believe he even got past the taste. But then again, it’s not much worse than the disgusting dren he eats on a regular basis.

On the way to another shop I was jumped by a gang of kids. They actually dropped a thermal detonator at my feet! That’s frelling overkill if you ask me. During the secret war, a bounty hunter once hit me in the head with one of those. Fortunately, it bounced off and went into an air vent. I staggered from the blow to the head and the the fireball that shot out of the vent just missed me. Anyway, Jacen managed to jedi the thing over the edge and no one was hurt. The kid that threw it took off and Jacen and Karr took chase. The rest of the little basterds came at me with knives. Quick little buggers. They slashed up my jacket a little but luckily nothing got through. I pulled my pistol, set it to stun and autofire and spit out a burst. Several of the kids dropped and the rest took off.

Frell that, Thuku and I beamed to the ship and that’s where we stayed until takeoff.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 10

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