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  • Gallifreyan

    Time Lords (Gallifreyans) appear human, but differ from them in many respects. Time Lords are extremely long-lived, routinely counting their ages in terms of centuries. It is not known how long a Time Lord can live. Other physiological differences from

  • Alpha Centaurian

    Alpha Centaurians are hermaphroditic hexapods from the Alpha Centauri star system, the closest star system to the Sol system, and part of the Galactic Federation in the Future 6577. They tend to be tall, green, have one eye, six arms, and high pitched

  • Auronar

    The Auronar are highly advanced, and ahead technologically in many areas of the Federation. They are a near human specied that in its distant past experimented with genetic manipulation. 2

  • Badger

    The race of anthropomorphic Badgers were created in 2291 after the extinction of the European badger. Humans gathered DNA from the badgers, and other Earth animals, before they became extinct in an attempt to repopulate the

  • Draconian

    The Draconian Empire is vast spacefaring feudal civilization of reptilian humanoids, centered on the planet Draconia, with a society stratifed along class and gender lines (for example, females were not permitted to speak in the presence of the Emperor

  • Foamosi

    Foamasi are stocky humanoids with shiny green skin, three claws on each hand and eyes that can move independently. Foamasi speak in a language of clicks and chirps and are physically incapable of speaking Human languages. However, they use a small

  • Homo Superior

    Homo Superior is the next stage in human evolution. At some point between childhood and late adolescence, some human children with the Homo Superior mutation experience a process referred to as breaking out. This is when the psychic powers

  • Menoptra

    The Menoptra are an intelligent, bipedal insectoid species from the planet Vortis. In appearance, they resemble a cross between giant butterflies, moths, and bees, with each Menoptra possessing four large wings. They have yellow and black stripes around

  • Muragaru

    These near human are mutated colonist from the Muraga System. About a century ago the planet was hit by a mutanegenic space phenominon that has never been fully explained. The results were the people became part of a hive mind and gained exceptional

  • Pakhar

    The Pakhar are an alien race resembling meter-high hamsters. Pakhar are generally a peaceful, if rather excitable, race, and Pakha is a center of tourism and trade for the UFP, of which Pakha is a member. A planetary survey has

  • Silurian

    Silurians are a very diverse species, with at least two known phenotypes. In general, Silurians are cold-blooded, roughly the size as humans, with a large head, four digits on each hand and green scaly skin. Their mouths are small and somewhat sucker-

  • Tree

    The actual name of this species is unpronouncable (Treezxxithinlothorianstrappa) and thus the nickname Tree was given to them by the first contact team. Trees are an intelligent, bipedal, arboreal species that are direct descendants of the Old Earth

  • Thal

    Thals appear identical to Humans. However, all Thals have blonde hair, tend to be very good looking, and have naturally honed physiques. The Thals and the Kaleds became engaged in a Thousand Year War. By the end of the conflict, both Thals and Kaleds

  • Uvodni

    The Uvodni are a race of humanoid insects. Their homeworld is located thirty four thousand light years away from Earth in the spiral cluster of the Dragon Nebula. The Uvodni were part of a planetary alliance that fought the Malakh in the Ghost Wars of

  • Vegan

    The Vegans are a race of satyr-like humanoids from the Vega star system, located 25.3 light years from Earth, and are members of the Federation. They have reddish-gold skin, hairy legs, large eyes and long noses. The Vegans are a race of miners and

  • Whifferdill

    Whifferdills are a race of a shape-changers. Their natural form is humanoid, pale yellow in color, three to four feet in height, with a round, featureless head. Whifferdills lack stable DNA and have total control over their

  • Malmooth

    The Malmooth are a race of humanoid insects native to the planet Malcassairo. They have blue chitinous skin and a pair of mandibles at the sides of the human-like mouths. Malmooth cities found on Malcassairo are organic and dug out of the earht and

  • Martian

    There are two races known as Martians. The first race died out in the late 20th century after becoming exposed to the Varisillum Virus following their invasion of Earth.

    The second race, known as The Ice Warriors, are reptilian humanoids, their

  • Raxacoricofallapatorian

    Raxacoricofallapatorians are large, bulky humanoids, around 3 meters tall. They had thick, lumpy skin, ranging in color from a yellowish green to a paler, grey-green. They have the instincts of a hunter and long arms with three sharp claws which they

  • Vogan

    Vogans are a humanoid species with grey skin and white hair. Their home planet is Voga, and is in actuality a rogue asteroid. Voga contains more gold than the rest of the galaxy and is often referred to as the Planet of Gold

  • Terilptil

    Terileptils are a reptilian humanoid species. They cannot survive long without breathing Soliton gas. They perfected atmospheric processors which can synthesize and release needed amounts of the gas into the immediate area, allowing them to function in

  • Daleks

    Dalek Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
      • Strength +2
    • Coordination 1(5)
    • Intellect 3

  • Catkind

    Catkind are essentially a cross between Humans and domestic cats. They have the same skeletal structure as a human, with the facial features and body hair of a cat. While they may be a race in their own right, it is more likely they are a genetically