Tag: Weapon


  • Lightsaber

    The weapon consists of a blade of pure plasma emitted from a hilt and suspended in a force containment field. The field contains the immense heat of the plasma, protecting the wielder, and allowed the blade to keep its shape. The hilt is almost always

  • Sisco BlastGloves

    These gloves use ones own bioenergy to power them. They can deliver a burst of plasma out to a range of 70 meters. The gloves are outlawed in the Federation.

  • Quiverblade

    A quiver blade uses the base technology of a vibroblade combined with a hedge trimmer. The blade vibrates and the mono-edges slide back and forth creating an incredible cutting action.

  • Denchar Slug Guns

    As energy weapons are hard to come by in the Denchar Colony, people have reverted back to using projectile weapons. Slug guns are the main weapon of the day for the more powerful players in Xebecs Demise.

  • Gek-Pistol

    The Gek-Pistol was developed only a year ago by Dr Jose Gek. The gun uses compressed air to fire gel-capsules that can be filled with a variety of ingredients. Most common are acids or DMSO laced poisons that penetrate the skin

  • Chain Sword

    Chainswords are vulgar weapons from a bygone age but out in the Uncharted Territories; they seem to be having a Renaissance.

  • Isomagnetic Disintegrator

    This large shoulder-mounted weapon resembles an old Earth bazooka. Much of the technical data on this weapon remains classified but the weapon was designed for fighting Imperial AT-ATs. On the stun settings the weapon affects the inner ear, causing

  • Bowcaster

    A peculiar combination of modern and ancient technologies, the bowcaster is the traditional weapon of Wookiees. While rather old-fashioned to those accustomed to using blasters, a bowcaster is quite deadly in the hands of a skilled Wookiee warrior.

  • Soka

    Ancient Bajoran war club used by the early tribes of Bajor for hunting and warfare. The club could be thrown like a boomerang.

  • Krath [Pick-ax]

    The Krath was developed for use with climbing the glaciers of Jortenheim but soon became the primary weapon of the Klingon colonists. The cold is so severe on the planet that weapons like the Batleth tended to shatter in combat. The Krath is made

  • Gravitic Disruptor

    These weapons were designed by the Iconians and are extremely rare. The weapon projects multiple high frequency bursts of gravatons onto the target; this creates a disrupting effect on the structural integrity of objects and against flesh it tends to