Tag: Uncharted Territories


  • Neverness

    There is the sprawl, where criminal guilds rule the streets, not to mention its multifarious inhabitants, guilds, and cults; there is the sense of forgotten and/or forbidden science. Prostitutes and their pimps roam the streets; the roads are ice runs

  • Krimea Dur

    The story of the lost Klingon colony of Krimea Dur has been taught to Klingon children for centuries. Many people believe the colony is somewhere in the Uncharted Territories. The Supreme Chancellor of the Klingon Empire has offered 10,000 bars of gold-

  • Galaxy 13491

    Everyone knows of the mission that the USS Vanguard took to Galaxy 13491 and some know what was found there. The Empire War was the result of that journey. After 5 years of war between the Romulan Star Empire and The

  • Smyrna

    The legendary Droid planet. No one knows if it exists or if its only a myth, but many speculate what the ramifications of a

  • Kanvia

    A Neutron Star with three orbiting planets. The star contains about half a solar mass of matter, compressed into a diameter of about 20 kilometers (12

  • Baax

    The Jaax pirate base is rumored to be on this planet. Also rumored to be here is a tribe of genetically-modified Klingons.


  • Denea

    Denea is known by professional hunters as the best place in the Galaxy for a truly challenging hunt. The planet hosts literally thousands of

  • The Barren Planet

    This planet has three notable features. First, a set of broken rings around the planet gives the globe a distinctive look from outer space, an appearance similar

  • Katratzi

    Katratzi is known as the lost penal colony. After an incident in 2369 with the Q, the planet vanished and was never seen again. Rumors from various space traders tell of a strange rogue planet that is hurtling through the Uncharted Territories. This

  • Icefall

    Planet Name: Icefall
    Class: M
    System Data: The ice planet of Neverness is the only planet in the Dfeer system. The planet has one

  • Liantac

    A rather unique system that has only two planets, both Class M, that are in vitually the same orbit on opposite sides of the sun. Rumors claim that

  • Kavari

    A craggy red world, Kavari is located so far out in the Outer Rim that most people have no knowledge of it, resulting in a lawless world

  • Litigara

    Litigara is a temperate world with about thirty-eight percent land mass, with great swirling oceans of blue. The world has very ancient temples, many in ruins, and is believed to pre-date recorded history in the known Galaxy. Currently uninhabited, the

  • Zenet

    Zenet is a poor, polluted colony world home to a Zan Arbor Research Facility. Most people live in the Zan Arbor colony, including pirates, black market dealers, and pilots.

  • Odre'el

    Odreel is plagued by volcanic activity, severe ion storms, and gamma radiation. It is known for its deposits of rare stygium crystals, which are used

  • Prybella

    Prybella is a tropical forest planet plagued by nearly constant lightning flashes that strangely occur without wind, rain, or thunder. It has been colonized by Humans

  • Ytrehod

    Thirty years ago Ytrehod was a water world with a thriving economy. A ship crashed on the planet and destroyed its capital; that was the start of the Great

  • The Wheel

    • Purpose: Entertainment
    • Temperature: 22 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 1.02 standard

    The Wheel gains its name from the unusually thick ring orbiting the planet, thought

  • Tianna

    • Purpose: Resort world
    • Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: Standard

    Tianna is a beautiful world. It serves as host to numerous ecosystems, from lush forests

  • Suon

    • Purpose: Marine Agricultural Colony
    • Temperature: 22 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 1.1 standard

    Water covers the entirety of Suons surface. It is home to numerous

  • Oolzur

    • Purpose: Technology/Information planet
    • Temperature: 45 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 0.7 standard

    From space, Oolzur appears mostly red and pink. The arid terrain

  • Nezia

    • Purpose: Archive/Information planet
    • Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 0.8 standard

    A planet of extreme contrasts, which originally had deserts, large seas

  • Juros

    • Purpose: Agriculture
    • Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 0.87 standard

    Once home to lush jungle regions as well as fertile plains, most of Juros surface

  • Jo'Ra

    • Purpose: Trading Port & Religious Commune
    • Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 0.9 standard

    JoRa is a planet of rolling hills and plains. Once a hotbed

  • Jexen

    • Purpose: Salvage planet
    • Temperature: 20 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 4.5 standard

    The sole planet orbiting a small blue star, Jexen is large, cold, and almost

  • Friquan

    • Purpose: Mining planet
    • Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 1.1 standard

    Water and ice cover almost 80% of the surface of Friquan. The remaining 20% consists

  • Q'alyth Nor

    • Purpose: Commerce planet
    • Temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
    • Gravity: 1.2 standard

    Qalyth Nor appears a dull gray color from space; only 10% of the planets surface