• Vau

    This technologically superior alien empire has so far-proved little threat as long as humans stay on their side of the border. The few times Vau ambassadors have parleyed with humans, trouble has resulted, although in forms hard to trace back to the

  • Symbiots

    The Symbiots are parasitic entities attempting to break through into Human Space and possess its inhabitants, turning them into hive mind slaves or so he propaganda goes. In truth, nobody really knows what the Symbiots want or even just what they are

  • Career Overlay

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    Aes Sedai

    • Aes Sedai: Blue Ajah
    • Aes Sedai: Brown Ajah
    • Aes Sedai: Gray Ajah
    • Aes Sedai: Green Ajah

  • Adolescent Years

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    Academic Upbringing


    Adopted (Klingon)

    Adopted Crook

    Advanced Telepathic Manifestation

  • Backgrounds

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    Amateur Prostitute

    Andorian Academy of the Arts

    Artistic Study

    Assassin Apprenticeship

  • Tours of Duty

    Each Tour of Duty represents a period of time that the character worked or lived in the situation described. Characters may choose up to ten total Tours.

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    Academy Instructor


  • Undine


    The Undine (formerly called Species 8472) have no homeworld.

    Home Region or Sovereign Territory

    The Undine originate in another dimension, fluidic space, where space is not empty but a

  • Geth

    The Geth are a race of networked artificial intelligences that reside beyond the Perseus Veil. The Geth were created by the Quarians, as laborers and tools of war. When the Geth became sentient and began to question their masters, the Quarians attempted