Tag: Syndicate


  • Lira

    Lira is famous throughout the Uncharted Territories and on the Romulan Star Empire most wanted list. She has a 50,000 bars of Latinum reward on her head offered by the Ferengi Alliance as well. With no end in sight, she has a few attempts on her life …

  • Arok the Hutt

    Arok was a prisoner onboard one of the Imperial Star Destroyers in the [[91st Reconnaissance Corps | 91st Reconnaissance attack fleet]]. He managed to escape during the Battle of Andor and turned himself over to the UFP as a political refugee. Eventually …

  • Nexus Nu'vari

    Nexus has always been a criminal. He grew up being one, and he expects to die as one. He's been an assassin, a smuggler, a terrorist, and a pirate - and he was always the one in charge. Now he runs a shadow depository on [[Prybella | Prybella]], the Vault …

  • John Gotham

    Owner of [[Gotham Cafe | Gotham Cafe]] h6. Episode 15 believed killed in the Non-orion purge of the syndicate leaders.