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  • Speedball

    This game is played by two teams on an enclosed court with a goal at each end, similar to that of Human ice hockey or five-a-side football. The court contains elements that affect gameplay, such as score multipliers and stun weapons that contain a

  • Juggers


    A violent game that is very popular throughout the Uncharted Territories and parts of the Romulan Star Empire; it has even recently started being

  • Boga Minawk

    During his time as Transporter Chief of the USS Vanguard, Arnold Jenkins invented this sport. The sport is played in complete anti-gravity within a 30 meter diameter sphere. Four players, each designated a different

  • Pyramid

    Popular on Trill, Bajor, and many colony worlds, pyramid is a close-quarters ballgame played on a pyramid-shaped court, hence the name. The objective is to score points by getting the ball into a goal at the top of the pyramid. Pyramid can be played one

  • Jumpball

    The natural evolution of American Football on Terra was the sport Jumpball. This sport became quite popular in the mid-24th cerntury and still has a stong following today. Professional teams come from nearly every planet in the UFP

  • Blitzball

    This Nausicaan game is very popular amonst the stronger and more violent races of the Federation. Teams are made up of six players a side, one of them the goalkeeper. The aim is to kick a dimpled ball (called the blitzball) into the opponents

  • Tabat

    An ancient Vulcan sport that is considered barbaric by modern Vulcans but is very popular in Orion space. The game is played on a field with a 1.5 m deep pit in the middle. The pit is full of poisonous serpents.

    Each player has a rope attached to

  • Schnel'nik

    The Ferengi are not known for being physical, which is why this Ferengi sport is so unusual. Schnelnik is a team sport with five players per team. One player is designated the Nik (Runner). He is the only player allowed to touch the ball. The

  • Tsunkatse

    Tsunkatse is a popular spectator sport in the Delta Quadrant invented by the Norcadians. In Tsunkatse, two contestants battle in an arena wearing polaron disruptors on their hands and feet, which deliver a bioplasmic charge on contact with the opponent

  • Springball

    Springball was a Bajoran game that was played by two people at a time, as a sort of full contact handball. The players attempted to hit the ball inside a clearly marked oval on the far wall without hitting the foul zones. The players could body

  • Velocity

    Velocity was a one-on-one competitive sport that was a cross between handball and a phaser range and held on a holodeck. Each player must avoid being hit by a disk by shooting it and sending it back toward their opponent. It was fast-paced game of wit

  • Champa

    Champa is very popular on Betazed. Since the admission of Cardassia and Romulus into the UFP the game has taken on a new life and is spreading in those territories like hell fire.

    The game is played on a triangualar

  • Exoplast

    The Game of Warriors is not very popular in the Federation, but in the Uncharted Territories it is one of the most watched sports known. On Terra they would call this sport King of the Hill and laugh because it is considered