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  • Algeron III

    Algeron III was a Romulan planet destroyed by an isolytic subspace weapon, or metaweapon some time prior to the Tomed Incident in 2311. An unknown starship was losing a battle to a Romulan Bird of Prey in the system and

  • Artaleirh

    Artaleirh was home to Free Rihannsu sympathizers during the Romulan Civil War of 2276.

    Following the split of the Imperial Romulan State from the Star Empire in 2380, Artaleirh lost the planet Virinat as its primary food supplier. When the Empire

  • Morska

    Morska is a key watch point for enemy and pirate activity in the region. The system plays host to three star bases and the most advanced listening post known to the Federation.

    The Star bases are K-7, Damoclese Station, and the Watchtower.


  • Raatooras

    Raatooras was an ArinSen colony which was annexed by the Klingon Empire in the mid-22nd century. Upon annexing the colony, the Klingons offered the ArinSen the full protection and privileges of the Empire, but proceeded to strip the colony

  • Crescent Station

    Crescent Station

    This space station is in the Tulk system around the planet Tulk 3. It was originally built by a Hynerian corporation on the