Tag: Rifts


  • Wolfen

    Wolfen are large caninoid bipeds, unrelated to but resembling the much smaller Vargr. Unlike the Vargr, Wolfen are rigidly organized, with a strong central government resembling that of the ancient Roman Empire on Earth, or the modern Romulan Star

  • Catyr

    Catyr are tall, statuesque humanoids with red skin and golden or bronze-colored hair. Their homeworld, Catyr-Ra, has a high level of radioactive heavy metals so much so that Catyr themselves are mildly radioactive. Catyr are culturally and

  • Noro

    Noro are thin and spindly humanoids, with oversized black eyes and long slender fingers. Their mouths and lower jaws are narrow in relation to the rest of their head, but not grotesquely so. They have six fingers on their hands and six toes on their

  • Seljuk

    Seljuk are large reptilian bipeds ranging from 2.7 to 3.6 meters in height and massing from 275 to 450kg. They resemble humanoid versions of Earths Tyrannosaurus Rex, with long tails and digitigrade lower limbs, but with upper limbs proportionate to