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  • Orange Catholics

    In 2107 the Catholic Church merged with Tibetan Budhism. The results of this merger was the Orange Catholic Church. The religion is quite popular in the Federation as is has incorporated hundred of other religions from dozens of different species into

  • Zen-Sunni

    Zensunni is a syncretic religious belief combining principles of Zen Buddhism and Sunni Islam.

    Zensunni: followers of a schismatic sect that broke away from the teachings of Maometh (the so-called Third Muhammed)

  • Divine Treasury

    According to Ferengi spiritual beliefs, the Divine Treasury is the afterlife to which financially successful Ferengi progress after death. It is believed to be made of pure latinum.

    The Registrar greets the recently deceased at the gates to the

  • Klingon Mythology

    In Klingon religion, the original gods who created the first Klingons were slain by their own creations, because they were more trouble than they were worth. A version of this creation myth is told during the traditional Klingon wedding

  • Architects of Ede

    This religion has taken root on many worlds in the past decade. The followeres worship a goddess called Ede, who acording to the followers, is a form of genetic perfection. They claim that the religion is much older and but evidence suggest the religion

  • The Way of D'era

    Romulan myths stated that their race was forged in Vorta Vor, known as the Wellspring of Creation where the ancient Vhorani created their race.

    Romulans believe in the Way of Dera which dictates that they are destined to rule the galaxy

  • Andorian Mythology

    With one exception, all Andorian religions view marriage as a secular social contract, honored but not promoted by the religious hierarchy. However, some fringe sects of Borvaism, a semi-idolatrous, philosophical warrior-religion referred to

  • Cardassian Mythology

    The early Hebitian people were deeply religious but the ages of hardship on Cardassia would shift the Cardassian people to more militaristic and expansionist views in order to survive. As such, the concept of religious beliefs were replaced with a

  • Church of the Pancreator

    The Church of the Pancreator is formed of five main orders, or holy sects. In addition, a few minor sects are tolerated, such as the Hesychasts (mendicant monks), the Preceptors (scholars and teachers), the Ven Lohji (Ur-Obun sect), etc.


  • Bajoran Prophets

    Thats the thing about faith if you dont have it, you cant understand it. If you do, no explanation is necessary. Kira Nerys

    The Bajoran religion was centered on the Prophets, the Bajoran