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  • Nevereen


    The Nevereen homeworld is Neverness.

    Suggested Attribues and Racial Edges
    • Fitness 2 (6)
    • Coordination 2 (5)
    • Intellect 2 (6) Perception +1
    • Presence 2 (4)
    • Psi 0 (5

  • Dencharan

    The Dencharan are the Human decendants of the abductees taken from Earth over 300 years ago. They are a hardy breed with a sadistic nature and known for their skills with mining as well as a blade. Few of them know their true history but many legends

  • Necromongers


    The Necromongers are a dark army of cultists that will convert or kill every last human life in the universe to inhabit or dominate

  • Khurtanan

    Background: The Khurtanans are a Sebaceanoid species, and inhabit the planet New Khurtanan in Tormented Space. The species is afraid of space madness and requires all visitors to undergo medical examination. Gender relations are tense

  • Anzati

    Almost every culture in the galaxy has a legend about immortal creatures that lurk in the shadows, existing only to feed upon the unwary. And in most cases, the Anzati are the monsters of those legends. They have roamed the galaxy for eons, cunning

  • Aqualish

    Aqualish are walrus-faced humanoids with skin ranging in color from dark green or blue to deep russet or black. Some Aqualish subspecies have four eyes instead of two or fins instead of hands. The Qualish admire strength and are openly hostile toward

  • Arkanian

    Arkanian society and history are among the most complex in the Old Republic. At different times in its history, Arkania has belonged to both the Republic and the Sith Empire and played important roles in each. Knowledge and research are extremely

  • Chalactan

    Description Needed

    Personality: Chalactans have an ancient civilization known for its religious devotion to peace, and are well known throughout most of the galaxy. Chalactans are a spiritual people, closely attuned to the minds

  • Chiss

    Originating on the cold world of Csilla in the Unknown Regions, the Chiss are largely unknown to the greater galactic community until five years after the Battle of Yavin, when a Chiss known as Grand Admiral Thrawn rallies the Imperial remnants and goes

  • Epicanthix

    The Epicanthix have always been a warlike people. In ancient times the various clans of Epicanthix fought amongst each other before being united or subdued in a world peace. They developed a society that emphasized art, scholarship, literature, and

  • Human (Galactic Empire)

    Humans dominate the Core Worlds and can be found in virtually every corner of the galaxy. They are the ancestors of early spacefaring pioneers, conquerors, traders, travelers, and refugees. Humans have always been people on the move. As a result, they

  • Hapan

    Description Needed

    Hapan Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
    • Coordination 2(5)
      • Dexterity +1
    • Intellect 2(5)
    • Presence 2

  • Miraluka

    Miraluka are remarkably similar to Humans, except for two important and distinctive differences. Miraluka have no eyes, but they have a natural ability to see by using the Force. Since they appear Human including their speech and mannerisms

  • Mirialan

    Description Needed

    Personality: Mirialans are somewhat isolationist, and very tradition-centered. They insist that all Mirialan children are brought up in their own traditions, no matter what other sort of life they may lead (i.e

  • Rattataki

    Rattatak remained undiscovered by the Galactic Republic until after the Clone Wars began. Without guidance or influence from other galactic forces, the species remained somewhat primitive and became violent in the many struggles for control of scattered

  • Zeltron

    Zeltrons are known throughout the galaxy for their hedonistic nature. Experiencing pleasure in its myriad forms is the lifetime pursuit of all Zeltrons. They are a fun-loving species, placing recreation before other, less worldly interests. Members of

  • Balosar

    The Balosar have a well-deserved reputation for crime and skullduggery. They come from the planet Balosar, a polluted and inhospitable Core World that has suffered mightily at the hands of intergalactic corporate exploitation. Balosar that remain on

  • Bith

    Bith have been part of the Galactic Republic for thousands of years. Intellectually advanced humanoids, Bith have oversized brains evolved to handle abstract skills such as language, mathematics, music, and scientific analysis. This fundamental shift to

  • Bothan

    Native to Bothawui, these short, fur-covered humanoids have had hyperspace travel for thousands of years. Bothans use information as a measure of wealth and power, even wielding it as a weapon when necessary. The Bothan SpyNet, one of the largest

  • Cathar

    The Cathar are a proud, passionate, and loyal species of bipedal feline humanoids, well known for their long-standing friendships and ferocity in battle. They dwell in large city-trees, each meticulously carved with friezes depicting the citys heroes

  • Cerean

    Cereans are a sophisticated and cultured humanoid species native to Cerea, a world on the fringes of known space. Their elongated heads distinguish them from most other humanoid species.

    Cereans established contact with the rest of the galaxy

  • Chadra-Fan

    Known for being among the most cheerful and friendliest beings of the galaxy, the Chadra-Fan are found in many places. On their native world, hurricanes and tsunamis frequently wipe out their homes, so the Chadra-Fan have developed an intense fear of

  • Chagrian

    The amphibious Chagrians are comfortable both on land and in water. The coastal cities of their homeworld are constructed to allow the rising tides to flood the buildings. When this takes place, Chagrians swim from place to place, or use speeders which

  • Dashade

    The Dashade are known throughout the galaxy as elite assassins, mercenaries, and killers, particularly due to their partial immunities to the Force abilities of the Jedi. The most feared and deadly Dashade are given the honorary title Shadow Killer.

  • Gallifreyan

    Time Lords (Gallifreyans) appear human, but differ from them in many respects. Time Lords are extremely long-lived, routinely counting their ages in terms of centuries. It is not known how long a Time Lord can live. Other physiological differences from

  • Alpha Centaurian

    Alpha Centaurians are hermaphroditic hexapods from the Alpha Centauri star system, the closest star system to the Sol system, and part of the Galactic Federation in the Future 6577. They tend to be tall, green, have one eye, six arms, and high pitched

  • Devaronian

    Devaronians are among the first species in the galaxy to develop interstellar travel, and the males of the species have been common sights in spaceports throughout the galaxy for thousands of years. After reaching middle age, Devaronian males are driven

  • Auronar

    The Auronar are highly advanced, and ahead technologically in many areas of the Federation. They are a near human specied that in its distant past experimented with genetic manipulation. 2

  • Badger

    The race of anthropomorphic Badgers were created in 2291 after the extinction of the European badger. Humans gathered DNA from the badgers, and other Earth animals, before they became extinct in an attempt to repopulate the

  • Cat

    Cats resemble the non-humanoid cats of Earth, though closer to the size of a Human. They have cat-like faces and fur of a variety of lengths and colors. They have retractable claws which they can use for defense. Cats also have other feline

  • Dug

    Dugs are an arboreal species from the Republic world of Malastare. They are strong and agile for their size, and climb and jump exceptionally well. Dugs unwillingly share their homeworld with the Gran, who establish trade colonies on Malastare in 8,000

  • Draconian

    The Draconian Empire is vast spacefaring feudal civilization of reptilian humanoids, centered on the planet Draconia, with a society stratifed along class and gender lines (for example, females were not permitted to speak in the presence of the Emperor

  • Foamosi

    Foamasi are stocky humanoids with shiny green skin, three claws on each hand and eyes that can move independently. Foamasi speak in a language of clicks and chirps and are physically incapable of speaking Human languages. However, they use a small

  • Homo Superior

    Homo Superior is the next stage in human evolution. At some point between childhood and late adolescence, some human children with the Homo Superior mutation experience a process referred to as breaking out. This is when the psychic powers

  • Duros

    Tall, hairless humanoids from the Duro system, Duros were one of the first species to become a major influence in the Galactic Republic, and many respected scholars credited the Duros with creating the first hyperdrive. The Duros have a natural affinity

  • Menoptra

    The Menoptra are an intelligent, bipedal insectoid species from the planet Vortis. In appearance, they resemble a cross between giant butterflies, moths, and bees, with each Menoptra possessing four large wings. They have yellow and black stripes around

  • Muragaru

    These near human are mutated colonist from the Muraga System. About a century ago the planet was hit by a mutanegenic space phenominon that has never been fully explained. The results were the people became part of a hive mind and gained exceptional

  • Falleen

    Of all the species to populate the galaxy, none are better known for their intoxicating appearance than the Falleen. An exotic reptilian people, they are favored for their chiseled physiques and entrancing features. These qualities alone would solidify

  • Pakhar

    The Pakhar are an alien race resembling meter-high hamsters. Pakhar are generally a peaceful, if rather excitable, race, and Pakha is a center of tourism and trade for the UFP, of which Pakha is a member. A planetary survey has

  • Silurian

    Silurians are a very diverse species, with at least two known phenotypes. In general, Silurians are cold-blooded, roughly the size as humans, with a large head, four digits on each hand and green scaly skin. Their mouths are small and somewhat sucker-

  • Tree

    The actual name of this species is unpronouncable (Treezxxithinlothorianstrappa) and thus the nickname Tree was given to them by the first contact team. Trees are an intelligent, bipedal, arboreal species that are direct descendants of the Old Earth

  • Thal

    Thals appear identical to Humans. However, all Thals have blonde hair, tend to be very good looking, and have naturally honed physiques. The Thals and the Kaleds became engaged in a Thousand Year War. By the end of the conflict, both Thals and Kaleds

  • Uvodni

    The Uvodni are a race of humanoid insects. Their homeworld is located thirty four thousand light years away from Earth in the spiral cluster of the Dragon Nebula. The Uvodni were part of a planetary alliance that fought the Malakh in the Ghost Wars of

  • Vegan

    The Vegans are a race of satyr-like humanoids from the Vega star system, located 25.3 light years from Earth, and are members of the Federation. They have reddish-gold skin, hairy legs, large eyes and long noses. The Vegans are a race of miners and

  • Farghul

    The Farghul are feline humanoids from the world of Farrfin. The Farghul are very conscious of their appearance and they are never seen in public without wearing the highest quality of clothing they can afford, not to mention the latest fashions. When

  • Whifferdill

    Whifferdills are a race of a shape-changers. Their natural form is humanoid, pale yellow in color, three to four feet in height, with a round, featureless head. Whifferdills lack stable DNA and have total control over their

  • Wrasse

    The aquatic creature from Hellboy

    Wrasse Species Template
    • Fitness 2 (5)
      • Strength +1
    • Coordination 2 (5)
      • Logic +1

  • Feeorin

    Feeorin are hulking, powerful humanoids found in small colonies on scattered Outer Rim worlds. They are strong and able to perform strenuous activities for prolonged periods without rest.

    Their planet of origin remains a mystery, but it is

  • Malmooth

    The Malmooth are a race of humanoid insects native to the planet Malcassairo. They have blue chitinous skin and a pair of mandibles at the sides of the human-like mouths. Malmooth cities found on Malcassairo are organic and dug out of the earht and

  • Martian

    There are two races known as Martians. The first race died out in the late 20th century after becoming exposed to the Varisillum Virus following their invasion of Earth.

    The second race, known as The Ice Warriors, are reptilian humanoids, their

  • Raxacoricofallapatorian

    Raxacoricofallapatorians are large, bulky humanoids, around 3 meters tall. They had thick, lumpy skin, ranging in color from a yellowish green to a paler, grey-green. They have the instincts of a hunter and long arms with three sharp claws which they

  • Vogan

    Vogans are a humanoid species with grey skin and white hair. Their home planet is Voga, and is in actuality a rogue asteroid. Voga contains more gold than the rest of the galaxy and is often referred to as the Planet of Gold

  • Gammorean

    Gamorreans are green-skinned, porcine creatures from native to Gamorr. Their tendency toward violence makes them valued as criminal enforcers; though viewed as mindless brutes, they dont care so long as they are paid to fight.


  • Terilptil

    Terileptils are a reptilian humanoid species. They cannot survive long without breathing Soliton gas. They perfected atmospheric processors which can synthesize and release needed amounts of the gas into the immediate area, allowing them to function in

  • Gand

    A strange species of insect creatures, the Gand have evolved in response to the toxic atmosphere of their homeworld. In fact, two distinct types of Gand exist. The more common has features typical of other species lungs and the usual assortment of

  • Geonosian

    Geonosians are members of an insectoid, hive-oriented species with a rigid caste system. Each has an exoskeleton, elongated limbs, and a long face. Warriors also have thin, semitransparent wings. Members of the worker caste are subject to brutal

  • Gran

    Gran originally came from the world and system of Kinyen in the Expansion Region. They are longtime members of galactic society, with numerous colonies. Although most of these colonies are peaceful, theur colony on Malastare quickly became embroiled in

  • Gungan

    The Gungans are omnivorous humanoids native to the swamps of Naboo. Technologically advanced, they rely mostly on biotech, growing instead of building their homes and production facilities.

    While their culture is peaceful, it evolved from a

  • Hutt

    Hutts are immense, sluglike creatures with bulbous heads. Two catlike eyes rise from the surface of a Hutts face, while a lipless mouth spreads from ear hole to ear hole. Most Hutts are vicious megalomaniacs who consider their kind to be beyond

  • Iktotchi

    Hailing from the Expansion Region world of Iktotchon and its moon, Iktotch, the Iktotchi are a race of precognitive humanoids. All Iktotchi possess this precognitive ability, which manifests as vivid dreams, visions, or waking dreams. Few Iktotchi have

  • Ithorian

    Ithorians are tall humanoids whose appearance leads many to refer to them colloquially as Hammerheads. Peaceful and gentle, Ithorians are widely recognized as talented artists, brilliant agricultural engineers, and skilled diplomats.


  • Jawa

    Jawas are short humanoids native to Tatooine. The Jawas have a poor reputation and are regarded as thieves at best, vermin at worst. Their off-putting nature is made worse by the sour smell that clings to them and their inexplicable and nonsensical

  • Kaminoan

    The watery planet of Kamino is home to a species of cloners known as Kaminoans. These tall aliens are the result of generations of selective breeding and genetic modification that began when their world suffered a drastic change of climate. These

  • Kel Dor

    The Kel Dor evolved on Dorin, a world with an atmosphere consisting mostly of helium and a gas that is unique to that world. As such, Kel Dor cannot breathe on planets with common nitrogen/oxygen atmospheres. Conversely, Dorins atmosphere is

  • Mon Calamari

    Amphibious land-dwellers, the Mon Calamari share their Outer Rim homeworld with the aquatic Quarren. They tend to be soft-spoken but vigorously defend causes that inspire them. Mon Calamari suffered under great oppression under the Galactic Empire; thus

  • Nautolan

    Nautolans are one of the sentient species native to the planet Glee Anselm. Their language, Nautila, evolved underwater and is heavily tied to pheromones. Out of water, Nautila loses much of its meaning. As a result, Nautolans learn another language,

  • Neimoidian

    Neimoidians descend from a group of Duros colonists that, during the earliest period of their species exploration of space, venture far beyond the edge of regions considered possible to settle. These colonists exist in isolation for thousands of

  • Nikto

    Widely recognized as a slave species of the Hutts, the Nikto have served their masters since before the founding of the Old Republic, proving to be cunning warriors in the Hutts battle with the legendary conqueror Xim the Despot. Wherever the

  • Quarren

    The Quarren hail from the distant Outer Rim world of Mon Calamari, sharing the world with the sentient humanoid species of the same name. The Mon Calamari live on the surface of the world, while the more isolationist Quarren dwell in oxygen-filled

  • Rodian

    Rodians hail from the Tyrius star system in the Mid Rim, their homeworld humid and choked with heavy rain forests teeming with dangerous life forms. In this hostile environment, the Rodians evolved into brutal hunters and killers to survive. As a result

  • Sullustan

    To survive the natural perils of their harsh, volcanic homeworld, the Sullustans evolved in the planets numerous caves. They prefer to dwell underground, constructing highly advanced cities of such great beauty that wealthy sightseers come from

  • Togorian

    Togorians are predatory, aggressive nomads and fearless warriors. In the days of the Republic, Togorian pirate fleets were a known menace. The Republic was unsuccessful in quelling this threat, but the new Empire has the drive and the firepower to crush

  • Togruta

    Togruta are natives of the planet Shili, a world of dense forests, wild scrublands, and ever-growing urban areas. The most striking features of Togruta are their brightly colored horns, head, tails, and skin. These patterns serve as a sort of camouflage

  • Toydarian

    Toydrians are small, winged aliens from the planet Toydaria. They are known as shrewd merchants and able con artists, even though many lead reputable lives. Because their homeworld is located within Hutt Space, many Toydarians who leave Toydaria find

  • Trandoshan

    The reptilian Trandoshans are known for their great strength and warlike natures. Many of these beings dedicate themselves to martial training, and some follow the path of the hunter on their native world. A few have even become renowned (or infamous)

  • Tusken

    Tusken Raiders, or Sand People, are primitive desert-dwelling warriors skilled at defending their harsh way of life and surviving in an even harsher environment. These brutal nomads were the dominant sapient species on Tatooine until offworlders

  • Twi'lek

    From the dry, rocky world of Ryloth, Twileks have made a place for themselves along the galactic rim. These tall, thin humanoids include a variety of distinct sub-races, but are all instantly recognizable by the tentacular head-tails (called

  • Ubese

    Long ago, the Ubese were a peaceful species, content in the paradise of their garden planets. This changes when they encounter Old Republic scouts who seduce them with the power and might of advanced technology. Obsessed by these wonders, the Ubses

  • Weequay

    The Weequay are well-known throughout the galaxy for their violent tendencies and lack of individuality. Deeply spiritual, they worship a broad pantheon of deities, the most senior of which is known as Quay. Zealous Weequay perform ritual sacrifices in

  • Wookiee

    Wookiees are widely recognized as one of the strongest and fiercest intelligent species in the galaxy. Wookiees have many customs and traditions that revolve around honor and loyalty, including the special bond called the honor family and the sacred

  • Zabrak

    The Zabrak are an early spacefaring race distinguished by patterns of vestigial horns on their heads. Zabrak hail from many worlds and have been spacefarers for so long that they define themselves and each other according to their colony of origin.

  • Centauri

    The governing body of the Centauri people is called the Centauri Republic with its capital on the Centauri Homeworld, Centauri Prime. They call the star that Centauri Prime orbits Centauri but Earth-based astronomers refer to it as Zeta Tucanae.

  • Minbari

    The Minbari Federation is governed from the seventh planet in the Chi Draconis A system. This planet and the star it orbits are both referred to as Minbar by the Minbari people. Minbar is one-fourth covered by the north polar ice cap and it has very

  • Narn

    The Narn Regime is lead by the political and religious ruling body, the KhaRi. The KhaRi consists of eight circles. The First Circle has eight members and they hand down the laws for all of Narn worlds. The Second Circle is made up of sixteen

  • Kzinti

    Kzinti evolved from a plains-hunting felid on a slightly colder, drier planet than Earth. The Kzin word for their home planet translates as Homeworld. The world is often known as Kzinhome by the Kzinti themselves. The Kzin home world is the third planet

  • Ascorbites

    Bloodsuckers from Severus, the carapaced but humanoid Ascorbites had little time to develop a civilization of their own before humans arrived and relegated them to the status of primitives and savages. They have since lived up to these designations,

  • Etyri

    An avian race from Grail, the flying Etyri survived fierce competition against their land-based predators only with the aid of human technology. One of the least populous sentient races, the Etyri are highly religious, deeply concerned about the

  • Gannok

    These squat, monkeylike beings are from Bannockburn, near the Symbiot frontier. Bannockburn hosts some of the strangest Ur ruins known; the Gannok lived among these ancient monoliths, building odd devices from the leftover technology. Scholars believe

  • Hironem

    The reptilian Hironem are from Cadiz, although a reservation is all they have left of the continent they once ruled. Scholars believe that the Hironem were within a century of space-travel when they were encountered by Diaspora colonists, as they had

  • Oro'ym

    An amphibian race from Madoc, the Oroym were simply a myth for most of the Dark Ages before they revealed their hidden, underwater colonies to humankind. The seabed of their homeworld contains numerous ruins pointing to a once-glorious past millennia

  • Ur-Obun

    The Obun had not explored beyond their solar system before the Second Republic arrived to usher them into the commonwealth of Known Space. They were treated better than most alien races due to their obvious link to the Ur, but they were no longer the

  • Ur-Ukar

    The Ur-Ukar obviously did not belong on the planet from which they began their star-faring. The surface of Kordeth is hostile to life and the Ukari are forced to live beneath the surface in a network of tunnels circling the globe. Their legends speak of

  • Vorox

    The ultimate predators on their homeworld, the Vorox should never have achieved sentience. All the known rules about natural selection deny it. But they did, and with seemingly no coaxing from without. Certainly, it is a crude and unsophisticated

  • Vau

    This technologically superior alien empire has so far-proved little threat as long as humans stay on their side of the border. The few times Vau ambassadors have parleyed with humans, trouble has resulted, although in forms hard to trace back to the

  • Annunaki

    Records show that there was one race, or possibly two, who traveled the heavens long before humanity ever reached the stars. The Anunnaki (or Preadamite) is a term for the alien races of pre-historic times whose technology was of incredibly high

  • Symbiots

    The Symbiots are parasitic entities attempting to break through into Human Space and possess its inhabitants, turning them into hive mind slaves or so he propaganda goes. In truth, nobody really knows what the Symbiots want or even just what they are

  • Sentari

    Called the Matas by most people, the Sentari are native to Denea. They take the form of soft bodied creatures capable of high speeds and flight, resembling the manta rays

  • Banik

    Baniks are humanoid bipeds, ranging from 1.6 to 1.9 meters in height and fifty to seventy kilograms in weight. Their normal lifespan averages about 100 cycles, but due to the harsh conditions under which most live, few come close to this average. Their

  • Delvian

    Delvians are a race of bipedal humanoids, though they share few qualities with other species besides an outward similarity. Delvians are a plant-based race, evolving from flora rather than animals. They range from 1.6 to 2.3 meters in height and from 40

  • Hynerian

    Originally an aquatic species, Hynerians are much more comfortable in water than on land. Mature males stand well under a meter tall, with the average reaching only about 60 centimeters and about 16 kilograms. Mature females are shorter and slighter,

  • Illanic

    Adult Ilanics range from 1.8 to 2.2 meters in height and from 75 to 130 kilograms. Their skin color ranges from pink to tan or brown. Their hair varies from a dark chestnut to a light auburn, though elderly Ilanics hair fades to grey or white with age

  • Interion

    The Interions are a race of bipedal humanoids, roughly the same size and proportions as Humans and Sebaceans, but with different cranial architecture. In some circumstances, most often when in the throes of strong negative emotions, the usually ginger-

  • Kalish

    The Kalish are a Sebaceanoid species, roughly the same proportion body-wise as Humans and Sebaceans, with orange hair and pale skin that is mottled in places in a repeating diamond pattern.

    Background: The Kalish body is highly

  • Luxan

    Adult Luxans range from 1.9 to 2.3 meters in height and from 80 to 140 kilograms. Their skin varies from a pale tan-pink to a medium brown. The very top of their head is bald, but the sides of the head possess long hair, usually brown in color, and worn

  • Nebari

    Nebari are a humanoid species, ranging from 1.5 to 1.9 meters in height and from 45 to 85 kilograms. Their skin is a pale grey-blue, with darker highlights. They possess thick, stiff hair on their head, and is black, dark brown, or white in color. Their

  • Scarran

    While there are huge variations across the whole of the Scarran population, most range from 1.8 to 2.3 meters tall and weigh from 80 to 140 kilograms. Scarrans have a bulky build, especially in their upper body, which makes them appear ungainly. This

  • Sebacean

    Adult Sebaceans range from 1.6 to 2 meters in height and 50 to 90 kilograms. Their skin ranges from a pale pink to tan in color, depending on their exposure to the sun and other elements. Hair color ranges from blonde to black. Males can grow facial

  • Sheyang

    Sheyangs are heavyset reptilians, usually weighing between 80 and 150 kilograms. This gives tem a rather ungainly appearance, amplified by their stout limbs and waddle-like walk. Their skin has a thick, amphibious quality and us usually a shade of green

  • Tavlek

    Mature Tavleks are bipedal hominids ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters in height and from 45 to 150 kilograms in weight. They have a natural lifespan of about 80 cycles, although most do not die of natural causes. Their skin is usually a tanned orange, with

  • Vorcarian

    Most adult Vorcarians range from 1.6 to 2,0 meters in height, but few regularly stand up straight. Instead they walk in a constant hunch, giving them a better position to detect scents on the ground. Vorcarians range in weight 60 to 80 kilograms;

  • Zenetan

    Zenetans are anthropoid bipeds, comparable to Sebaceans in size and build, and averaging 1.5 to 2 meters in height. Their physical appearance varies as widely as Sebaceans, but golden skin and dark eyes tend to dominate. By Sebacean standards, they are

  • Acquaran

    Background: These Sebaceanoids inhabit the primitive planet Acquara. They were sent to the planet during the reign of Rygel X to expand the influence of the Hynerian Empire. The Acquarans were then abandoned on the planet, and Rygel X

  • Charrid

    Background: Charrids are bipedal warrior creatures with snouts, sharp fangs and leathery skin, largely resembling Vorcarian Blood Trackers. They are aggressive if not intelligent fighters and have an extreme tolerance for pain. Over

  • Colarta

    Background: Colartas are tall, bipedal, lizard-like creatures with an acute sense of smell and sense of heat signatures that make them excellent hunters. They have more than one heart, and are able to shape-shift. Some are indentured

  • Diagnosan

    Background: These tall bipedal creatures are gifted as doctors; they possess the ability to sense disease through facial sensory organs (nose and mouth). Diagnosans are susceptible to even the most ordinary diseases, so they must wear

  • Grudek

    Background: The Grudeks appear to be dirty humanoids with long, scraggly hair and blade-shaped piercings on their foreheads, possibly denoting rank. Evocative of Earth-based whalers or pirates, their goal is to board a Leviathan and

  • Halosian

    Background: Halosians are large bipedal, eagle-like creatures. Their cranium is small, and their head has a long, sharp beak. Wingspans are enormous, easily eight feet when fully stretched, but Halosians also have thin arms and

  • Jakench

    Background: A smallish bipedal species with blue skin and green freckles. They are naturally timid servants ideal in serving royal families, for their loyalty is one of their famous traits. Their culture frowns on acquisition of

  • Kanvian

    Background: This Sebaceanoid species lives on the planet Kanvia. They seem all to have black hair and powder-blue eyes. Until recently, an autocratic ruler named Rinic Pralanoth governed the planet. The ruler and his children control

  • Litigaran

    Background: This ashen-faced but otherwise pink-skinned Sebaceanoid species lives on the planet Litigara. On nights when both of the planets moons are full, Litigarans with blue eyes stay indoors to avoid burns from the moonlight. The

  • Lukythian

    Background: A bipedal species with extremely wide-set eyes and an implanted mechanical section in the middle of their face and skull. They treat other species poorly and have to their credit a legendary massacre in the Trola System.

  • Plokavian

    Background: These creatures are bipedal and known from their ugly features and foul stench. The faces of older Plokavians look like they are melting, and running sores drip off them unnoticed. Plokavians are known as weapons dealers,

  • Relgarian

    Background: This species is Sebaceanoid in shape and size with whitish skin that has blue highlights. Their gums are blue, and the one female who has been observed had what appeared to be a smooth blue oval stone implanted vertically

  • Scorvian

    Background: The physical appearance of this species is unknown; however, Scorvians are presumably roughly Sebaceanoid. According to Ilanic reports, three cycles before Moyas escape from Peacekeeper control, the Scorvians slaughtered

  • Skreeth

    Background: Green human-sized bipeds with exposed gums and teeth and insect-like features on the arms and legs, Skreeths have the ability to camouflage themselves with an invisibility shroud when they stay completely still. Skreeths can

  • Andorian

    Hailing from the frigid planet Andoria, the Andorians are characterized by their blue skin, snowy white hair and antennae. They tend to be violent and warlike, though they channel their aggressive tendencies into ritualized dueling.

  • Bajoran

    Hailing from Bajor, a planet orbiting the star Bajor-Bhavael, the Bajorans are an ancient and deeply spiritual people. Their civilization began approximately 30,000 years ago, and four periods dominate their history. The First Republic, which began

  • Benzite

    Benzites dwell on the planet Benzar, a starkly beautiful world with an atmosphere high in gaseous ammonia and low in oxygen. Elaborate crystalline rock structures dominate its landscape. Small, heavily armored animals skitter across its surface, feeding

  • Betazoid

    Betazoids are characterized by their telepathic abilities, enabling them to read most minds. Their strong ethics, however, prevent them from abusing their powers. Peaceful and altruistic, Betazoids typically become ships counselors, doctors or

  • Bolian

    Native to the planet Bolarus IX, Bolians are distinguished by their light blue skin and a bifurcated ridge running down the center of their face. They tend to be dedicated to duty, working hard to prove their dedication to the Federation and Starfleet.

  • Breen

    The Breen are a mystery race very few people know exactly what they look like. Non-aligned until 2373, the Breen joined the Dominion War on the side of the Founders, and gradually replaced the Cardassians as the Founders primary Alpha Quadrant ally.

  • Caitian

    A felinoid species belonging to the Federation, the Caitians are lithe and dexterous creatures.

    Caitian Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
    • <

  • Cardassian

    Once a peaceful race, economic pressures brought about a military regime marked by rigid social order to Cardassia. The Cardassians now make gains through war, subterfuge, and ruthless brutality. They favor warm climes and are renowned for their

  • Deltan

    Deltans are roughly Human height but with slightly lighter build. Most Deltans are slim due to a metabolism that is slightly higher than that of Human norm. Deltans have no body hair; this is a genetic trait rather than a cultural norm. Skin tones are

  • Denobulan

    Denobulans are an advanced species of scientists, who have performed several deep space missions in the last decade. They are curious and intelligent. Denobulan males are rarer than females and thus marriages include more females than males.


  • Ferengi

    The Ferengi are a greedy and capitalistic species, with business transactions and contracts forming the very philosophical basis of their civilization, as formalized in the 285 Rules of Acquisition. They are shorter than humans, with clearly lobed

  • Gorn

    The Gorn are immense, bipedal reptilians who adhere to a strict code of honor. They are slow but strong opponents. Since their first contact with the Federation at Cestus III, relations with the Federation have improved but

  • Horta

    After the unfortunate first UFP contact with the Horta in 2267, these silicon-based life forms have found a place in the Federation. They possess a natural understanding of mining and can exude an extremely corrosive acid (

  • Jem'Hadar

    The JemHadar are a warrior client species of the Dominion, having been genetically engineered by the Founders and controlled by the Vorta. They lack a crucial isogenic enzyme needed for survival which the Founders use to keep them under control. They

  • Klingon

    The aggressive and warlike Klingons hail from QonoS (pronounced KRO-nos, but usually just called the Klingon homeworld). The Klingon Empire, located primarily in the Beta Quadrant, extends some distance into the Alpha

  • Nausicaan

    The Nausicaans are extremely tall, surly humanoids who throw their weight around whenever possible. Once a client species of the Romulans, they are now found throughout the Alpha Quadrant wherever hired muscle is needed.


  • Ocampa

    The Ocampa are a strongly psionic species who live on a remote planet. They are slim humanoids that only live nine years, although there seem to be techniques, which make a longer live span possible. Most of the time the Ocampa live under the surface of

  • Orion

    Green-skinned humanoids infamous throughout the Federation because of the Orion Syndicate.

    Orion Species Template
    • Fitness 2(6)
      • Strength

  • Reman

    The Remans are the original indigenous race of the core systems of the Romulan Star Empire. They were conquered and assimilated by the renegade Vulcans who fled Suraks reforms and became the Romulans. The Remans are a servitor race within the Star

  • Romulan

    Romulans are considerably different from Starfleet personnel in several substantial ways. Although similarly bold an inquisitive, they sometimes lack the compassion and heroic virtues displayed by Starfleet personnel. After all, Romulans come from a

  • Talaxian

    The Talaxians are a humanoid species, which originate from the planet Talax. They built up a small community including several planetary systems and a potential military. They have a well-trained fleet with small but quick ships and are proud of their

  • Tellarite

    Stocky and vaguely porcine, the Tellarites are known for their engineering skill and argumentative natures. A Tellarite will debate simply for the enjoyment it gives him (though they do not, as a rule, question the orders of their commanding officers).

  • Chig

    No one knows the real name of the Chig species they were named by the first peoples to come in contact with them, and Chig vessels appear to not use any form of communication equipment. It is theorized that they communicate telepathically but

  • Tholian

    Tholians are very punctual and territorial creatures of crystalline form from a hot world.

    Tholian Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)

  • Trill

    Trill, natives of the planet of the same name, seem virtually identical to Humans, except for two notable differences. First, two rows of brownish spots start at the left and right sides of the Trill forehead and run down the sides of the face and the

  • Vorta

    The Vorta are a client species of the Dominion, cloned by the Founders as needed. The Vorta control the JemHadar on their behalf and serve as administrators and planners.

    Vorta Species Template

  • Vulcan

    Famous for their logic and lack of emotion, the Vulcans form one of the pillars of the Federation. Like the Betazoids, most Vulcans exhibit some form of telepathic ability, though they are better known for their curious natures and scientific

  • Zakdorn

    Zakdorn, the original homeworld of the civilization of the same name, was rendered uninhabitable by a terrorist attack in 2170. Survivors of the catastrophe migrated to several Class-M planets in nearby systems, where they embarked on the Grand Project

  • Human

    Humans, perhaps the most widespread species in the Alpha Quadrant, hail from Earth or one of its many colony worlds along the borders of Federation space. Compared to many other starfaring species, their civilization is very young, having developed over

  • Yaddithian

    The creatures of Yaddith have lived for thousands of years if not longer. The location of Yaddith is a mystery but the creatures of Yaddith have managed to migrate to nearly every planet in the Federation. They are masters of hiding in plain

  • Risan

    Famous throughout the Federation, as well as other civilized, spacefaring species, for their sensual natures and desire for pleasure, the Risan people provide a valuable service to the citizens of the Federation. A highly personable and socially

  • Adani

    The Adani are native to the semi-frozen, semi-jungle world of Sula Adani VIII in the Tburad Expanse. The unusual configuration of the world gave rise to an unusual race of beings. Physically the Adani look like they may

  • Alandran

    The Alandra are intelligent, ocean dwellers native to Trianos, the second planet in the Zeta Pelis star system on the far side of the Rintanni Nebula. Over 96% of the planets surface is covered by ocean; the only land masses are scattered, barren

  • Eagan

    The Tburad Expanse occupies a great many sectors of space, reaching almost all the way out to the rim of the galaxy. The eastern half of this vast area of space is under the control of the Eagan Imperial Republic.

    The Eagan are a humanoid

  • Illaran

    Just as Humans are perhaps the most widespread species in the Alpha Quadrant, Illarans are perhaps the most widespread species in the Tburad Expanse. The parallels to Human development over the millenia are amazing. Illaran civilization is also

  • Jahardin

    The Jahardin (pronounced JA-har-DEEN) are an insectoid race standing taller than the average human, at about 230cm tall. Predominant features of the Jarhardin include their very large multi-faceted eyes and their pincer-like

  • Korri

    If it were physically possible, Alpha Quadrant residents would say the Korri were related to the Ferengi. While their physiologies are very different and incompatible, their philosophies about business and financial gain are remarkably similar.

  • M'Fatlar

    The MFatlar homeworld was situated within a few light years of the Eagan system, and was one of the first to be conquered. However, it was also one of the few to offer any serious resistance, and was almost successful. The MFatlar were

  • Naylar

    The Naylar are a humanoid race standing, on average, approximately 183cm tall with a very solid build to their bodies. Their bodies are covered in a short-haired fur ranging in color from off-white to black. Their eyes are normally a dark color, and

  • Prelian

    The Prelian are a humanoid race standing slightly shorter than the average Human, at about 162cm tall, and are fairly stocky. Their skin is a dark bluish-grey color, sometimes appearing as a very dark and washed out mauve. Their hair is always black, as

  • Rylan

    Rylans are perhaps one of the oldest species in the Tburad Expanse, with records and documents dating back almost 40,000 years. For the most part, evolution on their homeworld proceeded peacefully and naturally. The pursuit of knowledge and

  • Waleth

    Physically, the Waleth are a humanoid race whose average height is about 215cm tall. Their limbs are fairly thick. Their skin is a grey color with a leathery consistency. The only hair visible on their bodies is their eyebrows, which are always black.

  • Puppeteers

    Biology and Sociology

    Puppeteers have two forelegs and a single hindleg ending in hooved feet and two snake-like heads instead of a humanoid upper body. The heads are very small, containing a forked tongue, extensive rubbery

  • Shan

    The Insects from Shaggai, or Shan, are a race of pigeon-sized, interstellar refugees who arrived on Earth centuries ago. The Shan hail from the planet Shaggai, a world that orbits twin emerald suns. In its heyday, the technologically advanced Shan lived

  • Antican

    Antican Species Template
    • Fitness 3(6)
      • Vitality +1
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect

  • Atreonid

    Atreonid Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
      • Strength -1
    • Coordination 2(5)
      • Dexterity -1

  • Axanar

    Axanar Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
      • Strength -1
    • Coordination 2(5)
      • Dexterity +1

  • Bynar

    Bynar Species Template
    • Fitness 1 (5)
      • Strength -1
    • Coordination 2(5)
      • Dexterity +1

  • Capellan

    Capellan Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect 2(5)
    • Presence

  • Devidian

    Devidian Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
      • Vitality -1
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect

  • Ekosian

    Ekosian Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect 2(5)
      • Perception +1

  • Elasian

    Elasian Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect 2(5)
      • Perception +1

  • El-Aurian

    El-Aurian Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect 2(5)
      • Perception +1

  • Flaxian

    Flaxian Species Template
    • Fitness 3(6)
      • Strength +1
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect

  • Napean

    Ancient Napeans lived in a world that was environmentally dangerous. It was wracked by freakish weather conditions that killed or injured thousands of Napeans each year. Harsh weather often destroyed crops, and hunger led communities to raid their

  • Lurian

    Lurians are natives of Luria IV [or simply Luria], a Class M world in the Luria system in the Ionite Nebula. Luria is described as a hot and swampy world; Lurians are known to sleep in beds or hot, muddy water. The Lurians are a peaceful people with

  • Ktarian

    Ktarian history consists of a series of struggles between competing religions, ideologies, and nation-states. Its past is stained by three separate periods of fratricidal warfare. Internal dissension destroyed the first two world governments, which came

  • Yridian

    Appearance and Physiology

    Bipedal humanoid species recognizable by their deeply wrinkled skin, and very large ears. The scalp is deeply furrowed from the nose across the top of the head. Pigmentation varies from

  • Pakled

    The Pakleds are a physically stout but mentally underdeveloped species which has only emerged onto the galactic scene in recent years. They are primarily scavengers and scroungers who subsist on what the more advanced species discard or overlook.

  • Hirogen

    Hirogen society centers around The Hunt, which they regard with a reverence that borders on spiritual awe. Elements of their culture, such as social rituals and beliefs, are based on the hunt. One of the rituals surrounding the hunt

  • Kazon

    The Kazon were a subjugated race, used as slave labor by the Trabe, who had conquered their homeworld. It is unknown if the Kazon were divided into sects before they were conquered by the Trabe, but the sects were in existence during their oppression by

  • Kelvan

    Kelvans were an intelligent and rigidly disciplined non-humanoid species from the planet Kelva, located in the Andromeda Galaxy, and masters of the Kelvan Empire. Only a few Kelvans were known to have traveled to the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Immense in

  • Ligonian

    The Ligonians were the humanoid inhabitants of the planet Ligon II. Although they possessed transporter technology, they were extremely antiquated in other ways and were not as technologically advanced as the Federation. They had a highly structured

  • Malon

    The Malon have broad noses with distinctly-shaped nostrils, and their skin is a yellowish-brown color. Their foreheads have a slight ridge-like protrusion. They also have brown hair which is usually thick and wavy when they are young, but like

  • Medusan

    The Medusans were a telepathic non-corporeal race. Their thoughts were the most sublime in the galaxy; however, their physical appearance was exactly the opposite. Their appearance was so utterly hideous that the sight of a Medusan rendered any Human

  • Selay

    The Selay are a carnivorous humanoid reptilian species native to the planet Selay. The Selay are long-standing enemies with a neighboring species, the Anticans.

    Selay Species Template

  • Suliban

    Humanoid in appearance, Suliban are hairless and have pale yellow skin covered with small bumps, making Suliban resemble an osage-orange.

    Sometime in the 1800s, the Suliban homeworld was destroyed and its survivors spread throughout space, many

  • Talosian

    The Talosians were the sentient humanoid natives of Talos IV.

    Over 100,000 years ago, the Talosians fought a nuclear war, leaving most of the planets surface uninhabitable. They moved underground and developed their mental abilities to

  • Vian

    The Vians were a humanoid species who inhabited the Minarian star system, prior to Minaras supernova in 2268. About the same size as Humans, their hairless heads are somewhat triangular and feature several prominent ridges. They have greyish skin

  • Vidiian

    The Vidiians were a species found in the Delta Quadrant. For two millennia the entire race suffered from a disease called the Phage that ate away at their DNA and organs. The Vidiian government is called the Vidiian

  • Vorgon

    The Vorgons were a humanoid race who, by the 27th century, had developed the ability to travel through time.

    In the 27th century, two Vorgon criminals, Ajur and Boratus, attempted to steal a device known as the Tox Uthat, a quantum

  • Zaranite

    Zaranites evolved on a planet with high levels of fluorine in the atmosphere that most humanoid from Class M planets find toxic. When on Class M planets, Zaranites require a breathing mask and self-contained life support system to provide them with the

  • Daleks

    Dalek Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
      • Strength +2
    • Coordination 1(5)
    • Intellect 3

  • Asari

    The Asari, native to the planet Thessia, are often considered one of the more powerful and respected sapient species in the known galaxy. This is partly due to the fact the Asari were one of the earliest races to achieve interstellar flight.


  • Batarian

    A race of four-eyed bipeds native to the world of Kharshan, the Batarians are a disreputable species that chose to isolate itself from the rest of the galaxy. The Terminus Systems are infested with Batarian pirate gangs and slaving rings, fueling the

  • Elcor

    The Elcor are a Citadel species native to the high-gravity world Dekuuna. They are massive creatures, standing on four muscular legs for increased stability. Elcor move slowly, an evolved response to an environment where a fall can be lethal. This has

  • Hanar

    The Hanar are a species resembling Earths jellyfish and are one of the few non-bipedal Citadel races. Hanar are known for their intense politeness when speaking, and their strong religious beliefs regarding the Protheans, whom they refer to as the

  • Keepers

    The Keepers are a bio-engineered, insectoid race found only on the Citadel. They are completely docile and harmless, and appear to exist for no other reason than to maintain the Citadel and its systems.

    The Keepers are believed to have been

  • Krogan

    The Krogan are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to the planet Tuchanka, a world known for its harsh environments, scarce resources, and overabundance of vicious predators. The Krogan managed to not only survive on their unforgiving homeworld,

  • Quarian

    The Quarians are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence. Since their homeworld Rannoch was conquered, the Quarians live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a huge collection of starships that travel

  • Salarian

    Salarians are warm-blooded amphibians native to the planet SurKesh. Salarians possess a hyperactive metabolism; they think fast, talk fast, and move fast. To Salarians, other species seem sluggish and dull-witted, especially the Elcor. Unfortunately,

  • Turian

    Known for their militaristic and disciplined culture, the Turians gained their Council seat after defeating the hostile Krogan for the Council during the Krogan Rebellions. The Turians deployed a Salarian-created biological weapon called the genophage,

  • Volus

    The Volus are an associate race on the Citadel with their own embassy, but are also a client race of the Turians. They hail from Irune, which possesses a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere able to support an ammonia-based biochemistry. As a result, the

  • Catkind

    Catkind are essentially a cross between Humans and domestic cats. They have the same skeletal structure as a human, with the facial features and body hair of a cat. While they may be a race in their own right, it is more likely they are a genetically

  • Undine


    The Undine (formerly called Species 8472) have no homeworld.

    Home Region or Sovereign Territory

    The Undine originate in another dimension, fluidic space, where space is not empty but a

  • Chameloid

    Chameloids are an extremely rare species and only few ever heard of them. Chameloids are shapeshifters and are able to change their form into anything of humanoid form, changing look and size is in their range of skill.

    As the Chameloids often

  • Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Species Template
    • Fitness 1(3)
    • Coordination 2(5)
      • Dexterity +2
    • Intellect 2(5)
    • Presence 1(5)
      • Empathy +2

  • Syreen

    No Species Description Available

    Syreen Species Template
    • Fitness 2(5)
      • Strength +1
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect 2(5)

  • Drell

    The Drell are a reptile-like race that were rescued from their dying homeworld by the Hanar following first contact between the two. Since then, the Drell have remained loyal to the Hanar for their camaraderie and have fit comfortably into galactic

  • Yahg

    The yahg are a sentient race of towering humanoids native to the world of Parnack, known for their violent and aggressive nature. Consummate predators, the yahg possess unrivaled perceptiveness and mental adaptability. Discovered by the Citadel Council

  • Vorcha

    Known for their unique biology and aggressive behavior, the Vorcha are a primitive race that live among the galaxys darker and more dangerous locations, such as Omega. Many Vorcha are trained by the Krogan Blood Pack as mercenaries due to their savage

  • Geth

    The Geth are a race of networked artificial intelligences that reside beyond the Perseus Veil. The Geth were created by the Quarians, as laborers and tools of war. When the Geth became sentient and began to question their masters, the Quarians attempted

  • Mephitsoid

    A race of humanoids with feline (originally skunk-like) characteristics, they have night vision, retractable claws, and acute olfactory senses. They come from the planet Trylsart, third from the sun in the Cyrane Omlr star system in the ShiAr Sector

  • Saurid

    A race of amphibious reptilian bipeds with both lungs and gills, Saurids have green scaled skin with yellow fins. Their home planet is Timor, fourth from the sun in the Varanus star system, in the Shiar Sector.

    Saurid Species

  • Shi'ar

    The Shiar are humanoids of avian descent; they resemble humans with feathered crests atop their heads in lieu of hair. Two different styles are common: most Shiar, particularly those of the aristocracy, have feathers sprouting in a triangular shape

  • Barzan

    A slightly feline-like humanoid race that must rely on a small breathing apparatus if they are in Class-M normal environments, the Barzans were a race that lived on a resource poor world, were politically neutral, and hadnt started space-travel. Then

  • Berellian

    Berellians come from Berellia, a world rich in diverse ecological life, and interlinked species where most creatures are receptive empaths. This led to very early domestication of animals, and given the Berellian projective telepathy, easy training of

  • Boslic

    The Boslic are a tall, attractive humanoid race with a smooth vertical ridge bisecting the forehead. Boslic hair and eye colors range from a light lavender to a deep violet, while the skin color has a peaches and cream complexion.


  • Brekkan

    Once the drug-dealers in a symbiotic relationship with the Onarans, Brekkans had a harsh reality to face after the interaction of their peoples with the USS Enterprise-D left them stranded on their own worlds. Brekkans

  • Bzzit Khaht

    Bzzit Khaht are an intelligent amphibious species from the planet Althos IV. They require daily soaking to avoid painful skin problems, and their skin membranes emit an odor which most other species find offensive.

    Bzzit Khaht are a communal

  • Chalnoth

    The inhabitants of Chalna VII are carnivorous hunters. They are covered in thick orange fur and are usually quite tall. They have vicious looking front teeth, designed to tear raw meat off the bone. Chalnoth are impulsive,

  • Devore

    Masters of the Devore Imperium, the Devore are a humanoid species very similar in appearance to Humans leading a strong interstellar community on a similar technical level to the Federation. The Devore originate from the planet Deverone located at the

  • Dopterian

    The Dopterians are a subject race of the Cardassian Union. Cardassia uses the Dopterians as merchants and sometimes as courier/agents (due to their resistance to telepathic interrogation). Unfortunately, since the Dopterians tend to be a little on the

  • Etaram

    A race with great psionic potential, the Etaram are slender, graceful humanoids with an average height similar to human averages, but with less variation. Their coloring tends to be pale, except for the palms of their hands, feet, and their eyelids,

  • Frunalian

    The Frunalians have a heritage that grew from distinct family Houses, born originally from Clans. Their family crests are always worn (indeed, one of the larger crimes in Frunalian society is to wear the wrong crest for the purpose of disguise). While

  • Idanian

    Idanians are a desert people, who gather in structures built mostly underground with access ports through their roofs that retract or extend to survive the terrible sandstorms that sweep most of the globe. Most of the water in the planet is subterranean

  • Inoi

    An evolved herd herbivore uniped lifeform, the Inois most distinctive feature is their single trunk leg: a thick single leg that, with complex musculature and skeletal structure, is balanced and strong to such a degree that a Inoi hopping moves as

  • Kinshaya

    Kinshaya is a Klingon word meaning demon-possessed and was applied to this species during the Demon War, which ran from 2232-2237.

    The Kinshaya average 2 meters tall and mass about 200kg. They have no discernable head, and their sensory organs

  • Kriosian

    The more artistic, culturally active, and ritual-loving Kriosians are a little less integrated into the Klingon society of which they are a protectorate. A people much more inclined to peaceful contemplation, the Kriosians are more outwardly kinder,

  • Megrim

    An alien race who have unfortunately suffered a little bit of stereotyping as Gargoyles from humans, the Megrim are a humanoid species with a high metabolism, and the curious biochemical ability to secrete a shell while they sleep.

  • Mokhara

    The Mokhara are a humanoid race, approximately 1.5 meters in height, and 60 kg in mass. Relatively little is known of their physiology as the Mokhara have very strong taboos about medical information. What is known is that they have white skin, which

  • Prellarian

    Prellarians are a race of squat, well-built humanoids, averaging less than 1.2m in height. They mastered gravitic technologies early in their development and are generally comfortable in environments of up to 5Gs.

    They have a have a strong

  • Sheliak

    The Sheliak are a reclusive, non-humanoid species encountered by the Federation during the 23rd Century. After negotiating a complicated and exhaustive treaty with the Federation, the Sheliak avoided any further contact for 111 years, until the Tau

  • Valtese

    A Klingon protectorate, the Valtese and the Kriosians were once at war, a long-standing feud over a female empathic metamorph, and only recently resolved relations (metaphorically enough, involving the marriage of a female empathic metamorph to the

  • Noctur

    This species was a space faring race over 2 million years ago. They colonized thousands of worlds but eventually warfare and later stagnation destroyed their civilization. The can be found on any type M world, living in subteranean cities. They use no

  • Dagonari

    This aquatic species has been given the rating of Class 7 Hostile by Starfleet. Under current orders, they are to be exterminated wherever encountered. The Dagonari appear to be bipedial fish. They thrive in salt water and can be found in

  • Kur

    The Kurii are nearly as ancient as the Puppetteers, though they never quite achieved the same technological level as that esteemed species. The Kurii homeworld is thought to have been destroyed nearly an eon ago. Most historians believe it was the

  • Sardar

    Sardar (Priest-King) Species Template

    • Fitness 3(6)
    • Coordination 2(5)
    • Intellect 4(7)
    • Presence 2(5)
    • Psi 2(5)
    • Force 0(

  • S'kytri

    The Skytri were winged sapient humanoids indigenous to Skye.

    Although they were mammals, they hatched from eggs. Their wings, even though leathery looking, actually had a fine down of invisible feathers.

  • Kubaz

    The Kubaz are an intellectual species that places great importance on tact and decorum. Kubaz value art, music, and other forms of sophisticated entertainment, and they place great emphasis on traditions and the safekeeping of family. Off their

  • Huragok

    The Huragok, known to Humans as Engineers, are an artificial race that was created by the Forerunners and the only known non-combatant race of the Covenant.

    Personality: Their motivations are unknown, but they appear to draw no

  • Jiralhanae

    The Jiralhanae are a race of Aliens in the unified conglomerate races of the Covenant that look very similar to Rhinoceroses, or Apes. The Humans have termed such warriors Brutes because they are, as a general rule, an extremely savage race.


  • Kig-Yar

    The Kig-yar are an avian species which serve the Covenant as mercenaries, and later the Covenant Loyalists. Humans have termed these creatures Jackals, as they are known for their swiftness, viciousness and dexterity.


  • Mgalekgolo

    The Mgalekgolo are a unique gestalt of smaller creatures known as Lekgolo, which are small, orange worm-like beings that can group together to geometrically increase intelligence, strength, and maneuverability. Humans call the Lekgolo Hunters.


  • Sangheili

    Known by most Humans as Elites, presumably due to their adeptness and their skills in combat, the Sangheili formed the military backbone of the Covenant for nearly the whole of its entire existence.

    Personality: Elites are driven

  • San'Shyuum

    The SanShyuum, also known as Prophets, are a mammal-like species, who are the leadership caste within the Covenant and one of the more mysterious member races of the organization. Prophets appear to exert complete control over religious and

  • Unggoy

    The Unggoy are a small species of servant warriors in the unified races of the Covenant. Humans have termed such warriors Grunts, due to their size, and because of their speech patterns. They are classified as a Therapsid, or a warm-blooded reptile.

  • Yanme'e

    The Yanmee, also referred to by Humans as Drones, are a race of aerial, intelligent, insectoid warriors which make up part of the unified conglomerate races of the Covenant.

    Personality: The Drones, much like the Grunts, are a

  • Whill

    Though not the canon name for Yodas species, we refer to them as Whill.



  • Wolfen

    Wolfen are large caninoid bipeds, unrelated to but resembling the much smaller Vargr. Unlike the Vargr, Wolfen are rigidly organized, with a strong central government resembling that of the ancient Roman Empire on Earth, or the modern Romulan Star

  • Arcadian

    Arcadians are a sapient semi-aquatic species roughly resembling dolphinoid mermaids with pale skin, dark green hair and large blue-grey eyes.

    Most Arcadians are pacifists, living in large social collectives. They do not have family groups, child-

  • Ariolo

    Ariolo are a mammalian species resembling the centaurs of Earth legend, with four legs and two arms. They are large beings, massing nearly a half-ton, and are covered in fine hair ranging in color from mottled grey through brown and black. They have a

  • Arkenite

    Arkenites are a tall humanoid race descended from an aquatic ancestor. They are recognizable by their bulbous, hairless heads and their large, fin-like ears. Arkenites are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields, and when off their homeworld wear a

  • Cygnan

    Cygnans are a humanoid race with violet skin and golden hair, and a semi-prehensile tail. They are a matriarchal society males are only semi-intelligent and are rarely ever seen off-world. Cygnan females are uncommon in Starfleet.

    Cygnans are

  • Gallamite

    Gallamites are short, averaging only 1.6m in height, and slender, massing 50kg. They have a slightly greenish cast to their amber skin. The hand has four digits, three long slender fingers and an opposable thumb. The eyes are somewhat larger than Humans

  • Halanan

    Halanans are a dark-skinned humanoid species with double-pointed ears. They are psychoprojective telepaths, with the ability to create extremely life-like illusions of themselves. Under extreme stress, Halanans may project an illusion involuntarily,

  • Ka Sheeta

    Kasheeta are a large reptilian race similar to (but unrelated to) the Gorn. Kasheeta are a matriarchal culture, with the males relegated to a second-class role in society. Female Kasheeta are bright green in color, males a duller olive color. Although

  • Taurhai

    Taurhai are a tall humanoid species, averaging 2 meters tall. They have an enlarged cranium and beetled brows, with a small mouth and a narrow pointed chin. They wear their dark hair long, but are bald on top. They have no eyebrows, and completely black

  • Kaferian

    The third planet of five orbiting the moderate-size yellow star Tau Ceti, Kaferia was one of the first nonhuman civilizations contacted by Federation explorers. Travel through the system is difficult, as Tau Ceti supports the greatest interplanetary

  • Saurian

    Saurians are a small, slender, bipedal reptilian species. Standing about 1.5 meters tall on average, they have a large head for their size. They are completely hairless, with finely scaled purple skin and large yellow-orange eyes. They are quite strong

  • Tiburonian

    Tiburonians are light-skinned humanoids of average size and build. Their most distinctive features are their large, scalloped ears and hairless scalps.

    Tiburon is one of the most modern Federation member worlds, highly industrialized with little

  • Xelatian

    Xelatians are a sapient cephalopoid species native to the aquatic planet Xelata. Their body is 1.2m in length and possesses four meter-long manipulatory tentacles. They have no means of locomotion on land, so they wear antigravity harnesses to get

  • Dralasites

    Physical Structure: Dralasites are short, rubbery aliens that have no bones or hard body parts. Their skin is a flexible membrane that is very tough and scratchy. It generally is dull gray and lined with dark veins that meet at the

  • Vrusk

    Physical Structure: Vrusk look like large insects. Eight legs grow from their abdomen, four on each side. Their torso is upright in front of the abdomen. The torso is humanoid, with two arms connected at the shoulders. The head is above

  • Yazirians

    Physical Structure: Yazirians are tall, thin humanoids. They have long arms and legs and slender torsos. Two large flaps of skin grow on either side of their bodies, attached along their arms, torso and legs. When a Yazirian raises its

  • Sathar

    Physical Structure: Sathar are long, worm-like creatures. Their bodies are divided into segments, like an earthworms. They do not have a skeleton. Instead, they support their bodies hydrostatically, by pumping liquid into the

  • Catyr

    Catyr are tall, statuesque humanoids with red skin and golden or bronze-colored hair. Their homeworld, Catyr-Ra, has a high level of radioactive heavy metals so much so that Catyr themselves are mildly radioactive. Catyr are culturally and

  • Noro

    Noro are thin and spindly humanoids, with oversized black eyes and long slender fingers. Their mouths and lower jaws are narrow in relation to the rest of their head, but not grotesquely so. They have six fingers on their hands and six toes on their

  • Seljuk

    Seljuk are large reptilian bipeds ranging from 2.7 to 3.6 meters in height and massing from 275 to 450kg. They resemble humanoid versions of Earths Tyrannosaurus Rex, with long tails and digitigrade lower limbs, but with upper limbs proportionate to

  • Aleerin

    Physical Structure: Aleerin size and shape is so remarkably human-like that aleerins can easily be mistaken for humans at a distance or in poorly-lit conditions. The differences between aleerins and humans become quite evident close-up

  • Fraal

    Physical Structure: The small-statured Fraal have pale grayish skin, large opaque black eyes and large, usually bald craniums. Their drop-shaped faces have only small slits for nostrils, ear-holes and mouths. Those Fraal who do have

  • Seshayan

    Physical Structure: Sesheyans are probably the most alien-looking of the known sapient species. Their large, wedge-shaped heads have eight eyes and large bat-like ears, and their slender, almost hunched bodies sprout great diaphanous

  • T'sa

    Physical Structure: Tsa are small, lithe reptilian beings with wiry musculature and impressive crests rising from the back of their skulls. They are covered in scales of varying sizes, largest on their backs. They come in a

  • Weren

    Physical Structure: Weren are massive, fur-covered brutes standing over two meters tall and packed with muscle. Males sport large tusks jutting from their lower jaws and flying manes of tough hair. Their great hands sport five sharp

  • Aslan

    Aslan are a vaguely felinoid race. Their superficial resemblance to Terran lions resulted in their being referred to by the name of a character from C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia, a name that has stuck due to the difficulty most

  • Vargr

    Vargr are a caninoid race, genetically engineered descendants of Terrestrial canine stock (wolves) transported to Lair by a race known as the Ancients.

    Vargr are upright bipedal caninoids, typically standing 1.6m in height and massing about 55kg

  • Asgard

    The Asgard resemble the classic Roswell Grays; indeed, they admit they may have been responsible for that first alien sighting in 1948. Averaging about four feet in height, they possess the basic hominid structure, with thin arms and legs, long

  • Jaffa

    The Jaffa are the loyal warriors and priests of the Goauld, essential to the survival of the symbiote species. Specially born and bred to serve as front line shock troops and living incubators, the Jaffa have been manipulated to believe that the Goa

  • Unas

    Unas is a race named by the Goauld that translates to the first ones or the first race or more specifically, the first humanoid race that they used as hosts before Ra discovered the Tauri on Earth. The Unas evolved on the same homeworld as the Goa

  • Wraith

    The Wraith are a vampiric hive-based species that harvest the life-force of other humanoid beings for nourishment through suckers on their right hand palm. Countless worlds in the Pegasus galaxy live in constant fear of the Wraith, who return

  • Aglian

    Although somewhat frail physically, Aglians have a great intellectual capacity and are strong willed. In fact, most of the high technology which exists in their sector if the universe is of Aglian design.

    As a race, Aglians tend to be sensitive,

  • Barsoomian

    The red race is the dominant race on Barsoom. These red men are the result of centuries of interbreeding between the ancient white, black, and yellow races. They are generally similar to North American Indians in appearance with coppery complexions and

  • Barsoomian, First-Born

    The Black Martians or First Born inhabit the area around the underground Sea of Korus called the Sea of Omean, which is located at the south pole of Mars. Due to their hidden home, the First Born were thought, until disproved by John Carter, to

  • Barsoomian, Green

    The green Martians are totally unlike the other intelligent inhabitants of Barsoom. They stand ten to fifteen feet in height and are six limbed. The lower set is used as legs and the upper set act as arms. The intermediary set of limbs is employed as

  • Barsoomian, Orovar

    The mysterious Orovars are the last remnants of one of the original three races to inhabit Barsoom. They are identical to all other Martian races except in appearance, having white skin and blond hair. Little is known about the Orovars. They live in

  • Barsoomian, Thern

    The Therns are descendents of the older Orovar race, which was the original white strain of Martian. They have retained the white skin of their ancestors, but have lost the flowing blond hair, and now wear wigs to supplant this deficiency. They inhabit

  • Barsoomian, Yellow

    The Yellow Martians live at the north pole, shielded from the world by a great barrier wall of ice which entirely surrounds their territory. The only means of entrance is through the Carrion Caves, which are every bit as unpleasant as the name suggests

  • Chiropti

    The Chiropti are a physically tough race with outstanding alertness. This alertness is due to a tremendous hearing and sense of smell (a product of their somewhat bat-like features) and is not reduced in darkness. Males tend to be slightly stronger than

  • Grol

    The Grol are a society of nomadic barbarians which were enslaved by the Marikan during their establishment of the Gray Empire. They are highly prized for their great strength and are used by the Gray Empire as bodyguards, laborers, and warriors. They

  • Kirn

    The Kirn are a very fast and agile race. They also possess above average alertness. Kirn possess a prehensile tail which can be controlled with the full strength and dexterity of a third arm. On the negative side, the Kirn are an undisciplined race,

  • Marikan

    The Marikan were once a simple race of fishers and artisans. That was before the sky grew hot and a portion of it fell, bringing iron to Jovar for the first time in their history. Using their near monopoly on metal they established an Empire that

  • Mongovan

    Mongovans are Near-Humans residing on the planet Mongo. Most are under the iron-fisted rule of Emperor Ming, though there are pockets of resistance that live free.

    Mongovan Species Template

  • Ular

    The Ular are a physically huge and powerful race. They possess great strength and are very resistant to harm. However, Ular do not have good speed or deftness and also have generally poor luck. Adult Ular usually stand a towering 4 meters in height when

  • Veth

    The Veth were once the masters of their own empire, but it was on the decline when they were conquered by the Marikan. Because of their skills as artists and bureaucrats, the Veth were assimilated into the Empire very easily.

    Veth are human in

  • Zentraedi

    This race of artificially created beings were traced to the origins of Robotechnology when the science was pioneered by Zor following his discovery of the Flower of Life on Optera. After taking samples with him back to Tirol, he developed a powerful

  • Tirolian

    While Tirols inhabited surface area is similar in size to Eurasia and Africa combined, its racial composition is dramatically more homogeneous than old world Earth. There are only three racial types, descending from Earths Caucasians, Dravidians, and

  • Invid

    If the Shadow (Shadau as their term) spread over our world, and that turns into the dark and doomed.

    If the Light (Raytou as their term) spread over our world,and we expanded The wings of light