Tag: Karr


  • Salma Hayek

    Owner of Citadel Investigations she was once a Captain in Starfleet. She is renowned for her love of being a spectator at fighting events and has recently begun a Fight Club on the station. Monthly tournaments are a major crowd pleaser. h4. +_*Episode …

  • Tavana

    She owes Karr for rescuing her and her family from an attack during the house of Duras vs House of Kang war. She was allied with House of Kang. She is also one of few who believe that Karr was framed.

  • Nuv'ee

    Nuv’ee was found aboard a slave ship from “The Empire” space. She was on the same ship as YunDarr the wookie. Nuv’ee was a dabo girl, and then became a porn star for a while. She has now found running her own establishment. She owns and runs a brothel …

  • Mels

    Karr and Mels met at Starfleet Academy in 2367. They were roommates and study partners. Karr help Mels from being pick on by bullies. They have remained good friends during the years.

  • Lysia Haynes

    Though only a junior officer during the Battle of Kalandra, Lysia had already served on a five-year mission and a shakedown cruise, giving her a wide variety of experiences. Even though she was primarily a communications officer, her time on Trill had …

  • Meg-gan

    Has a husband and two children (a boy name 'Lil Mok and a girl, Maude). Born on Denchar. h4. +_*Episode 5*_+ Though Karr tried to warn her abouf the Black Blood Syndrome infesting Xebec's Demise, Meg-gan's stubborness led her to decide to remain …

  • K'trena

    Karr Met K'Trena on the Hall of Chaos and became romantically involved with her. He knows little of her past but does know that she comes from one of the mirror universes and may be an alterante of his sister K'ara.