Tag: Gear


  • Soul Crystals

    These rare crystals are in high demand by espers around the galaxy. Espers claim they enhance their powers.

  • Ch'Kanti Brain tube

    A braintube is a magnificent if morbid piece of technology. If someone dies, the brain can be extracted from the body (within 6 standard hours) and placed in one of these tubes. The tube will guarantee that all the skills and memories of

  • Bioamp

    These small devices are surgically implanted into a host. They are programed with a physical skill and when the wearer performs that skill the bioamp, amplifies their ability by adding one to the physical attribute associated with the skill. The devices

  • Dream Crystals

    According to the Ferengi,if a man sleeps with the Crystal touching his flesh, he is transported in his dreams to a marvelous land of wonders; lands where a being of strong will can become whatever he desires and go where it is even possible to cheat

  • Babel Microbes

    These micro-biological organisms allow alien races to understand one anothers speech. They colonize at the base of the brain and allow one to understand alien speech. The microbes can be injected, and go to work almost instantly.

  • Dylec Memory Tent

    The Dylec Memory Tent is made up of an active biometric polymer fabric that expands and retracts at the push of a button. The tent is waterproof, can operate in temperatures of -40 to +50 degrees, and protects against low-level radiation. While popular

  • Forensic Cleaner

    A Forensic Cleaner helps a thief or other criminal eliminate all traces indicating that he was in a particular area, i.e., fingerprints, DNA, biological traces, biosignatures, energy signatures, etc. It emits an epsilon

  • Injectable Translators

    A common item among Starfleet personel, the injectable translator overcomes many of the drawbacks of the standard universal translator by allowing the user to appear to be a native speaker of the language. The translator is injected directly into the

  • Replicator Lockpicks

    A specialized variant of the replicator multitool, replicator lockpicks are in use on numerous worlds. Though useless against modern Federation or Starfleet doors, the lockpicks are capable of opening any Tech Level 5 or earlier keyed entry lock. In

  • Replicator Multitool

    This device can replicate nearly any hand tool up to 0.5 kg in size. It requires a Engineering, Material (Pesonal Equipment) skill test to create the tool in question. Tools are preprogramed into the device when it is made. It can store up to 15

  • Orion Mining Goggles

    These goggles were designed for miners. They have multiple features beyond eye protection including setting for low light, thermographic, and infrared visual modes. There are also detection settings for various elements and radioactives. This allows the

  • P.A.D.D.


    The PADD is THE personal tool for data creation, manipulation, monitoring, and transference. In short, everything one would use a computer, hand held digital assistant, a memory