Tag: Gang


  • Areinnye-Kaleh

    The AKs are the largest and most dangerous gang in Xebecs Demise. The gang is made up of mostly Romulan and Orion toughs. They control the city center

  • Axe Gang

    The Axe Gang is led by Brother Sum. Two crossed axes forming an X can be seen as their recognizable logo in in their terratories, which many, if not all, members have tattooed on their bodies somewhere, visible or otherwise. In addition to

  • Dreadnoks

    All Dreadnoks are uncouth and violent, and usually engage their enemies with unconventional and creative (many times crude) weaponry. Most, if not all, have shown a

  • Jolets

    The Jolets is the only female run gang in Xebec

  • Grimjacks

    This Orion gang has a long history in Xebecs Demise as well as out. Grimjack was a famous pirate over 200 years ago and his clan still operates in parts of the Federation as well as the Romulan Star Empire. Many members of this gang served on

  • Gurlacs

    This Klingon-only gang has made its name by raiding other gang establishments and fleeing with the goods. The gang lives in the mines, sewers, and the general underworld of the colony. They are feared and stories of this gang are used to scare children

  • The Ghouls

    This gang lives in the Undermine benieth Xebecs Demise. No one knows much about them but they are rumored to be cannibals and insane. They never leave the Undermine and other than during the Miners Challenge few ever encounter them.

  • Humans United

    A gang comprised of Humans and Near-Humans. They are notorious for their April Fools Parties, where after tallying up the number of gang members killed the previous year, the remaining members pick dominoes. The gamg member who

  • Ch'si

    Though this gang has less than 100 members, it is widely feared throughout Xebecs Demise due to their brutal murder/torture practices, such as foot severing, body mutilation, threats to kill children and wives, and other connections. The gang is

  • Hung Jo

    The leader of this gang was murdered recently. Currently the gang is in turmoil as several members vie for control. The people of Xebecs Demise hope that the gang continues on the path it had been on under Hansen Swift. He had the gang set up

  • Jik-fenya

    The smallest and one of the most powerful gangs in Xebecs Demise. The gang is made up of some of the most experienced soldiers captured during the Empire War. The leader of the gang is Clone Commander Sixty-Six. He only accepts humans or human

  • Slashers

    The Slashers are a gang to be feared. They are credited with numerous murders throughout Xebecs Demise. It is said they are doing the bidding of Tal