Tag: Former PC


  • Tarak

    Tarak served for a while in Starfleet, though his career was not a distinguished one. He eventually decided to retire from Starfleet before being forced out, though he took the skills and knowledge he had accrued with him. He had managed to save up

  • Alyr Torin

    Alyr started out as a professional duelist and a con artist in the Beta Quadrant, confining his actions primarily in Orion-controlled space outside the jurisdiction of Starfleet. He eventually got caught up in the pornographic industry, where he

  • Karr

    Karr had a long and distinguished Starfleet career, marred only by the occasional assassination attempts made upon him by various enemy Klingon Houses. After serving on the USS Vanguard under Captain Archer, he tried to retire

  • Thanos Endilev

    Thanos served in Starfleet until he murdered a fellow officer, after which he was faced Court Martial and was found guilty. Sentenced to serve out the reminder of his life on a Federation penal colony, Thanos eventually managed to escape through unknown