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  • Khurtanan

    Background: The Khurtanans are a Sebaceanoid species, and inhabit the planet New Khurtanan in Tormented Space. The species is afraid of space madness and requires all visitors to undergo medical examination. Gender relations are tense

  • Banik

    Baniks are humanoid bipeds, ranging from 1.6 to 1.9 meters in height and fifty to seventy kilograms in weight. Their normal lifespan averages about 100 cycles, but due to the harsh conditions under which most live, few come close to this average. Their

  • Delvian

    Delvians are a race of bipedal humanoids, though they share few qualities with other species besides an outward similarity. Delvians are a plant-based race, evolving from flora rather than animals. They range from 1.6 to 2.3 meters in height and from 40

  • Hynerian

    Originally an aquatic species, Hynerians are much more comfortable in water than on land. Mature males stand well under a meter tall, with the average reaching only about 60 centimeters and about 16 kilograms. Mature females are shorter and slighter,

  • Illanic

    Adult Ilanics range from 1.8 to 2.2 meters in height and from 75 to 130 kilograms. Their skin color ranges from pink to tan or brown. Their hair varies from a dark chestnut to a light auburn, though elderly Ilanics hair fades to grey or white with age

  • Interion

    The Interions are a race of bipedal humanoids, roughly the same size and proportions as Humans and Sebaceans, but with different cranial architecture. In some circumstances, most often when in the throes of strong negative emotions, the usually ginger-

  • Kalish

    The Kalish are a Sebaceanoid species, roughly the same proportion body-wise as Humans and Sebaceans, with orange hair and pale skin that is mottled in places in a repeating diamond pattern.

    Background: The Kalish body is highly

  • Luxan

    Adult Luxans range from 1.9 to 2.3 meters in height and from 80 to 140 kilograms. Their skin varies from a pale tan-pink to a medium brown. The very top of their head is bald, but the sides of the head possess long hair, usually brown in color, and worn

  • Nebari

    Nebari are a humanoid species, ranging from 1.5 to 1.9 meters in height and from 45 to 85 kilograms. Their skin is a pale grey-blue, with darker highlights. They possess thick, stiff hair on their head, and is black, dark brown, or white in color. Their

  • Scarran

    While there are huge variations across the whole of the Scarran population, most range from 1.8 to 2.3 meters tall and weigh from 80 to 140 kilograms. Scarrans have a bulky build, especially in their upper body, which makes them appear ungainly. This

  • Sebacean

    Adult Sebaceans range from 1.6 to 2 meters in height and 50 to 90 kilograms. Their skin ranges from a pale pink to tan in color, depending on their exposure to the sun and other elements. Hair color ranges from blonde to black. Males can grow facial

  • Sheyang

    Sheyangs are heavyset reptilians, usually weighing between 80 and 150 kilograms. This gives tem a rather ungainly appearance, amplified by their stout limbs and waddle-like walk. Their skin has a thick, amphibious quality and us usually a shade of green

  • Tavlek

    Mature Tavleks are bipedal hominids ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters in height and from 45 to 150 kilograms in weight. They have a natural lifespan of about 80 cycles, although most do not die of natural causes. Their skin is usually a tanned orange, with

  • Vorcarian

    Most adult Vorcarians range from 1.6 to 2,0 meters in height, but few regularly stand up straight. Instead they walk in a constant hunch, giving them a better position to detect scents on the ground. Vorcarians range in weight 60 to 80 kilograms;

  • Zenetan

    Zenetans are anthropoid bipeds, comparable to Sebaceans in size and build, and averaging 1.5 to 2 meters in height. Their physical appearance varies as widely as Sebaceans, but golden skin and dark eyes tend to dominate. By Sebacean standards, they are

  • Acquaran

    Background: These Sebaceanoids inhabit the primitive planet Acquara. They were sent to the planet during the reign of Rygel X to expand the influence of the Hynerian Empire. The Acquarans were then abandoned on the planet, and Rygel X

  • Charrid

    Background: Charrids are bipedal warrior creatures with snouts, sharp fangs and leathery skin, largely resembling Vorcarian Blood Trackers. They are aggressive if not intelligent fighters and have an extreme tolerance for pain. Over

  • Colarta

    Background: Colartas are tall, bipedal, lizard-like creatures with an acute sense of smell and sense of heat signatures that make them excellent hunters. They have more than one heart, and are able to shape-shift. Some are indentured

  • Diagnosan

    Background: These tall bipedal creatures are gifted as doctors; they possess the ability to sense disease through facial sensory organs (nose and mouth). Diagnosans are susceptible to even the most ordinary diseases, so they must wear

  • Grudek

    Background: The Grudeks appear to be dirty humanoids with long, scraggly hair and blade-shaped piercings on their foreheads, possibly denoting rank. Evocative of Earth-based whalers or pirates, their goal is to board a Leviathan and

  • Halosian

    Background: Halosians are large bipedal, eagle-like creatures. Their cranium is small, and their head has a long, sharp beak. Wingspans are enormous, easily eight feet when fully stretched, but Halosians also have thin arms and

  • Jakench

    Background: A smallish bipedal species with blue skin and green freckles. They are naturally timid servants ideal in serving royal families, for their loyalty is one of their famous traits. Their culture frowns on acquisition of

  • Kanvian

    Background: This Sebaceanoid species lives on the planet Kanvia. They seem all to have black hair and powder-blue eyes. Until recently, an autocratic ruler named Rinic Pralanoth governed the planet. The ruler and his children control

  • Litigaran

    Background: This ashen-faced but otherwise pink-skinned Sebaceanoid species lives on the planet Litigara. On nights when both of the planets moons are full, Litigarans with blue eyes stay indoors to avoid burns from the moonlight. The

  • Lukythian

    Background: A bipedal species with extremely wide-set eyes and an implanted mechanical section in the middle of their face and skull. They treat other species poorly and have to their credit a legendary massacre in the Trola System.

  • Plokavian

    Background: These creatures are bipedal and known from their ugly features and foul stench. The faces of older Plokavians look like they are melting, and running sores drip off them unnoticed. Plokavians are known as weapons dealers,

  • Relgarian

    Background: This species is Sebaceanoid in shape and size with whitish skin that has blue highlights. Their gums are blue, and the one female who has been observed had what appeared to be a smooth blue oval stone implanted vertically

  • Scorvian

    Background: The physical appearance of this species is unknown; however, Scorvians are presumably roughly Sebaceanoid. According to Ilanic reports, three cycles before Moyas escape from Peacekeeper control, the Scorvians slaughtered

  • Skreeth

    Background: Green human-sized bipeds with exposed gums and teeth and insect-like features on the arms and legs, Skreeths have the ability to camouflage themselves with an invisibility shroud when they stay completely still. Skreeths can