Tag: Fading Suns


  • Ascorbites

    Bloodsuckers from Severus, the carapaced but humanoid Ascorbites had little time to develop a civilization of their own before humans arrived and relegated them to the status of primitives and savages. They have since lived up to these designations,

  • Etyri

    An avian race from Grail, the flying Etyri survived fierce competition against their land-based predators only with the aid of human technology. One of the least populous sentient races, the Etyri are highly religious, deeply concerned about the

  • Gannok

    These squat, monkeylike beings are from Bannockburn, near the Symbiot frontier. Bannockburn hosts some of the strangest Ur ruins known; the Gannok lived among these ancient monoliths, building odd devices from the leftover technology. Scholars believe

  • Hironem

    The reptilian Hironem are from Cadiz, although a reservation is all they have left of the continent they once ruled. Scholars believe that the Hironem were within a century of space-travel when they were encountered by Diaspora colonists, as they had

  • Oro'ym

    An amphibian race from Madoc, the Oroym were simply a myth for most of the Dark Ages before they revealed their hidden, underwater colonies to humankind. The seabed of their homeworld contains numerous ruins pointing to a once-glorious past millennia

  • Ur-Obun

    The Obun had not explored beyond their solar system before the Second Republic arrived to usher them into the commonwealth of Known Space. They were treated better than most alien races due to their obvious link to the Ur, but they were no longer the

  • Ur-Ukar

    The Ur-Ukar obviously did not belong on the planet from which they began their star-faring. The surface of Kordeth is hostile to life and the Ukari are forced to live beneath the surface in a network of tunnels circling the globe. Their legends speak of

  • Vorox

    The ultimate predators on their homeworld, the Vorox should never have achieved sentience. All the known rules about natural selection deny it. But they did, and with seemingly no coaxing from without. Certainly, it is a crude and unsophisticated

  • Vau

    This technologically superior alien empire has so far-proved little threat as long as humans stay on their side of the border. The few times Vau ambassadors have parleyed with humans, trouble has resulted, although in forms hard to trace back to the

  • Annunaki

    Records show that there was one race, or possibly two, who traveled the heavens long before humanity ever reached the stars. The Anunnaki (or Preadamite) is a term for the alien races of pre-historic times whose technology was of incredibly high

  • Symbiots

    The Symbiots are parasitic entities attempting to break through into Human Space and possess its inhabitants, turning them into hive mind slaves or so he propaganda goes. In truth, nobody really knows what the Symbiots want or even just what they are