Tag: Cthulhu Mythos


  • Yaddithian

    The creatures of Yaddith have lived for thousands of years if not longer. The location of Yaddith is a mystery but the creatures of Yaddith have managed to migrate to nearly every planet in the Federation. They are masters of hiding in plain

  • Shan

    The Insects from Shaggai, or Shan, are a race of pigeon-sized, interstellar refugees who arrived on Earth centuries ago. The Shan hail from the planet Shaggai, a world that orbits twin emerald suns. In its heyday, the technologically advanced Shan lived

  • Noctur

    This species was a space faring race over 2 million years ago. They colonized thousands of worlds but eventually warfare and later stagnation destroyed their civilization. The can be found on any type M world, living in subteranean cities. They use no

  • Dagonari

    This aquatic species has been given the rating of Class 7 Hostile by Starfleet. Under current orders, they are to be exterminated wherever encountered. The Dagonari appear to be bipedial fish. They thrive in salt water and can be found in