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  • Centauri

    The governing body of the Centauri people is called the Centauri Republic with its capital on the Centauri Homeworld, Centauri Prime. They call the star that Centauri Prime orbits Centauri but Earth-based astronomers refer to it as Zeta Tucanae.

  • Minbari

    The Minbari Federation is governed from the seventh planet in the Chi Draconis A system. This planet and the star it orbits are both referred to as Minbar by the Minbari people. Minbar is one-fourth covered by the north polar ice cap and it has very

  • Narn

    The Narn Regime is lead by the political and religious ruling body, the KhaRi. The KhaRi consists of eight circles. The First Circle has eight members and they hand down the laws for all of Narn worlds. The Second Circle is made up of sixteen