Tag: Alternity Star Drive


  • Aleerin

    Physical Structure: Aleerin size and shape is so remarkably human-like that aleerins can easily be mistaken for humans at a distance or in poorly-lit conditions. The differences between aleerins and humans become quite evident close-up

  • Fraal

    Physical Structure: The small-statured Fraal have pale grayish skin, large opaque black eyes and large, usually bald craniums. Their drop-shaped faces have only small slits for nostrils, ear-holes and mouths. Those Fraal who do have

  • Seshayan

    Physical Structure: Sesheyans are probably the most alien-looking of the known sapient species. Their large, wedge-shaped heads have eight eyes and large bat-like ears, and their slender, almost hunched bodies sprout great diaphanous

  • T'sa

    Physical Structure: Tsa are small, lithe reptilian beings with wiry musculature and impressive crests rising from the back of their skulls. They are covered in scales of varying sizes, largest on their backs. They come in a

  • Weren

    Physical Structure: Weren are massive, fur-covered brutes standing over two meters tall and packed with muscle. Males sport large tusks jutting from their lower jaws and flying manes of tough hair. Their great hands sport five sharp