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Star Trek Late Night

Bahb's Log Episode 7

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 173.1
Location: Drozana Station

Waiting for repairs is boring stuff. So I took my free time seriously and worked out a deal with the station managers. We would repair the lighting on the station and the replicators. In exchange we got 10000 slips of latinum. I convinced Kyron to do the work and I raked in the money. After a short while the station was operational and I got paid. I split the cash with Kryon after taking a small finders fee to cover my end of the deal.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 173.2
Location: Cait

Orders came in an we were heading to Cait. Looks like war is going to suck us in. We arrived to discover that the Tholians had annexed the system. The captain initiated negotiations and the Tholians said they would send an Ambassador over. The XO took S’rell down to help out in engineering. As this was currently a diplomatic action, I agreed with the idea. We certainly didnt; need S’rell on tactical.

S’rell noticed something odd down in engineering so I did a sensor sweep. Our shields fluxuated at the same time as an odd energy burst came from a Tholian ship. Something seemed and I nailed down the transmission to deck four. I sent security and they reported back that they were taking fire. Then all hell broke out on the ship. That fracking XO was a traitor. He had barricaded himself in the deflector dish control room. He also had shot several of my crew. I send in S’rell and told her to deal with it. She did. In no time she had the XO subdued and discovered his bomb too.
Now things got interesting. We had a bomb on board and it was ticking down. It was not safe to move. I sent in Kyron and he started working on it with S’rell. With only a second left on the timer, they stopped it. Then the Tholians attacked. The battle was intense and we lost one of the Mirandas but in the end, we won. I am now ready for a long bath with a few Dabo girls.

Bahb's Log Episode 6

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 172.1
Location: Deep Space

Its been a few hours since Starfleet Intelligence stole our passengers. I am still pissed. Luckily I was smart enough to back up the data before they could grab it. I have star charts, system specs on the alien ship, and more. I was considering what to do with said data when my communicator chirped. I answered and was greeted by a female voice that asked me to join a conspiracy. I of course jumped at the chance. She wanted me to help her out by telling her where the SFI ship went. I agreed. Looking back on this decision, I think I may have been riding my emotions.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 172.2
Location: Deep Space

The SFI ship is heading towards the Briar Patch where rumor has it, SFI has a secret prison. I passed this onto the mystery voice and then went back to my own business. An hour later I am called to the bridge as the ship went to yellow alert. Apparently the ship was plotting a course on its own. We tried to stop it and the warp core went off line.

I was feeling a bit of a panic as I realized what was happening. The rest of the crew was in a near panic state as they didn’t have a clue. I contacted Mystery Voice and was proven correct. Our systems had been taken over by an AI. Her name is EVE.

So now began the negotiations as EVE was holding the ship hostage and making some really fucked up threats. Some hours later we had a deal. EVE is now a part of our crew and she will not interfere with shipboard operations. In exchange, well I don’t know what the captain promised.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 172.3
Location: Drozana Station

So we ended up at Drozana for repairs and I was placed in charge of negotiating with the station operators. Them being Ferengi, the Captain must have figured I would get us the best deal. So I did as ordered and made sure to get a little extra from the station for me. I love this job.

Bahb's Log Episode 5

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 171.1
Location: K-7

The station and our ship are nearly repaired. I suspect that we shall have the Hurricane ready for service in a couple of days. Speaking with some of the crew I have heard many rumors as to what Starfleet Intelligence is up to and it has me wondering a few things. For one, what the hell is up with all of these new aliens in a well explored region of space? Another, why is Walker being held back on the station while his team is off doing whatever mercenaries do? and Three, why haven’t we investigated the place that the blue meanies were first encountered by the Klingons? Too many questions and no real answers.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 171.2
Location: Klingon/Federation border

I presented a plan to the Captain and she agreed. So we were off exploring the region of space where the Blue Meanies were first encountered. While scanning the area I discovered an anomaly. It was there then it seemed gone. I increased the spectrum of the scan and was picking up an exceptional number of rare particles. The XO suggested sending a probe and we did. It disappeared. Seriously! It just vanished. I mulled over the problem and came up with an idea of tethering two probes with a cable. We did so and sent one to the spot that the first probe vanished from. A wormhole opened and I detected two ships coming right at us. We barely had time to react and one of the ships slammed into us and bounced off. The wormhole closed and the other ship must have been trapped inside. Our probes were nowhere to be seen.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 171.3
Location: Klingon/Federation border

Its been almost a day since the collision. On the rogue vessel we discovered an automated ship carrying two passengers. A human from the late 20th century and a female of unknown origin. They claimed to be bounty hunters but alot of their story is suspect. After speaking with them at length I believe they are from an alternate universe and somewhere in the Alpha quadrant of that universe. I am working with my team to figure out exactly where.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 171.4
Location: Klingon/Federation border

Starfleet intelligence just stole our passengers. I am having difficulty understanding how or why. They took the derelict ship, our passengers, and all of our data gained on the mission. They even made me sign a NDA. I am really pissed.

Crazy Eight’s Personal Log Timeline 2 - Episode 4

Hello Loggybook. Me not so happy today. Me sad. Me see blue eyed green meanie man run through force field. Me not sure if me is in holodeck or real world. Me was sleeping on hard bed. He had tummy ache and went to see the doc and the stupid crusty shell was on one bed and the blue eyed green meany was in other bed. Me not sure why me was in ‘spital with bad people. Me thinks DomPoint was looking at me. The DomPoint was saying medical stuff but she not look happy or sad. She was a no mo spongehead. Me not like her. Me want to make her go poof but me leave rupter somewhere. Me think DomPoint should go poof and then BOOM!!!! Everything shake and rock and sizzle. Me smell blood and hear screams. Blue Eye Green Meanie starts to glow and walk right through force field. Me wonder if me mind make boom. The Boom again. Me so powerful. Me just think Boom and Boom happens. Me better stop thinking boom now. Me gets up and look for crew.

Me crew deal with bumpy heads and get all kind of sweet red juice. Me likes red juice. It make me teeth hurt and me head get fuzzy. Me wake in ‘spital. Me tell ‘spital story already and me want rupter.
Mantis and Unibrow come in and beat up the DomPoint. Me want to make her go poof but Unibrow say, “She’s a doctor, she helps people.” Me tell Unibrow to take me back to Temper Ship. We take Tempership to Deep Space 9. Me hear it go boom when me think boom. Me now sure what boomthinking means. Me need Bossy to splain.

Bahb's Log Episode 4

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 170.1
Location: K-7

Back on K-7 and we got a break. A bunch of the crew and I were in the bar drinking with some of the mercenaries. The mercs told big tales of first contact, strange aliens, and other BS that was hardly worth listening too. The we got word of the Dominion assault on DS9. While discussing what this meant for all of us, a huge explosion rocked the station. I ordered the crew back to duty stations as the red alert was sounded. Back on the bridge I scanned the station to find more explosives. Another one detonated. Then I found the third and beamed it deep into space. It was at this moment that I had a bad feeling and followed a hunch. I scanned for unknown life forms on the station and found one moving through the jeffreys tubes. S’rell agreed that I should beam it into a holding cell on our ship. I did as directed. All seemed to be getting better when the Hurricane rocked as power drains and fluctuations hit us. We were getting damage reports from all over the ship. The crew did what they needed to and resolved the problem and I felt a bit useless as it went down. Apparently the alien escaped the brig, infected about fifteen crew members and nearly destroyed our vessel. If not for engineering and security working together, we would have been lost.
During the debriefing it was revealed that the alien was the Orion we had captured on that Klingon ship a few days earlier. He was infected with some kind of energy parasite. We turned him over to Starfleet intelligence on K-7 and he escaped. Then we beamed him to our ship and the havok was devastating. Well, repairs are underway. I guess I will have to start reading my new Padd and if time allows, try to pick up a holorecorder.

Episode 3 Excerpt

…I can hear them, moving, slithering through the accessways. They’ve infiltrated the ship, and then the crew! We fought them, it, I can no longer be certain! If only we hadn’t taken that… Wait!

Where’s my weapon? I need my weapon, they’re out there, I hear them.

Here it is, charged and ready, waiting form me, like a good soldier. I was a good soldier, once, like mist of the crew. They’re gone now, taken, by those things!

They’re closer, I need to strike, now, while surprise is on my side!

Got one on them, but there are two more! Oh god, they have phasers! I’ll die before they take me, I swear it! Another shot – missed! Fuck it, I’ll just… shit, what’s happening? My weapon is overloading! At least it’ll be over soon!

Fuck, I have to run! One of them managed to get my weapon! Run NOW! If I can get to the engine room I can finish it all. Shit! They’re still firing… almost there…

Where am I? Why can’t I move? Wait, calm down, look and see. I’m in medical, but I’m strapped down. Take my time and get out of this… there, one arm’s free.

What in all the hells was that? Oh gods, they’re here now! I can see them, it… coming from the duct! Gotta escape NOW! Shit! Shit!

No! NO! Get off of me! Oh GOD, NO I don’t…

The Final Moments of an Orion Pirate

Bahb's Log Episode 3

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 169.1
Location: Frontier

Patrolling the frontier is quite boring. I am serving on this ship with a female from Risa serving as the captain. You would think with Risan credentials, that she would be a blast. No. Instead I am on a ship with a wet blanket that is not very fun at all. Most of the bridge crew is not bad. We got the alluring Tivna as our intelligence officer. I am not sure what to think with her but she really intrigues me. Ronin is on Helm. This guy is fun. He just needs guidance and I shall be the one to give him the nudge when needed. Our security chief, S’rull, is a pain in the ass but I do like her.
While working my station I was bored and imagining Klingon battle ships engaging us when my sensors pinged a klingon ship. I almost thought it was my imagination. A dead ship floating in space. We investigated and discovered the ship was completely powered down and only life support was operational. We beamed over some of the crew and they encountered an insane Orion who shot the XO and nearly killed her. Kryon was on the away team and took over. S’rull captured the Orion while Kyron dealt with the engineering issues of the ship. Low and behold he found an alien artifact. it was pretty cool and I wanted to play with it but never got the chance.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 169.2
Location: Tholian Space

We responded to a distress signal in Tholian space and discovered a Demon Class planet that was surrounded by quantum bubbles. The bubbles were emitting massive amounts of chronoton and tardyon particles. Following my advice the captain put me in charge of an away team. I took my buddy Kyron and a small security team. We navigated a shuttle through the bubbles and landed near the distress beacon. This is where things got a little weird. We discovered a ship from the year 2489. The crew of the ship was open to conversation and seemed very appreciative of our help. That is until I asked to use their holodeck to do some modeling and predictive planning. They cited the Temporal Prime Directive. Now everyone knows that I argued diligently against this directive in the academy but those arguments meant little here.

So we had to figure out how to free these people from the future while not destroying the planet and of course, getting ourselves home. My genius shined through and I worked up a plan. It was risky and if it failed, I suspect we would have blow the whole planet to dust. As the temporal bubbles began to fade we made our way back to our shuttle. I saw someone’s padd sitting on a table and picked it up. Our lovely S’rull saw me do it and swatted my hand. I picked it back up and protested that it was mine. After a heated argument, she seemed to take my word for it and we got off the shuttle. Our argument almost cost us the mission. We made it back to our shuttle with only second to spare.

Suddenly we were surrounded by Tholian ships and had to high tail it out of the system.

Bahb's Log Episode 2
Calm Winds

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 168.1
Location: K-7

Our new ship is in Stardock and preparing for launch. It seems that the ship has alot of female officers, something I truly don’t understand in Starfleet. Still, I do my job and work within the rules as they are presented. We parted with Walker who is now off to Drozana Station. He is going to work for a contractor named JumpCorp. His final words to us were a bid for us to come join him and get rich.


Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 168.2
Location: The Klingon Neutral Zone

While performing standard tests of shipboard systems we picked up a distress signal from a Starfleet Cargo ship, the USS Yorkshire. We plotted a course and discovered two Talarian ships using Tetryon weapons. We disabled the ships and began an investigation. The Talarians apparently have made a deal with the Tholians that is now giving them access to advanced weaponry and shields. I suspect that we will be seeing much more trouble with the Talarians as a result of this deal.

During the post operation repairs I noticed a rather large vessel materialize at extreme sensor range. I attempted to engage the ship via a simple hello transmission. Unfortunately with the damage to the Yorkshire’s systems, my narrow beam transmission became a 720 degree blast. The ship vanished through a wormhole or possibly folded space. I quickly analyzed the distant star field and think that I have narrowed down the location of where they went. It appears to be well beyond Cardassia. I am most intrigued.


Bahb's Log Episode 1
Rescue at Xerxes IV

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 167.1
Location: Starfleet Academy

Order received to report to the USS Hurricane.
Not happy with these order for several reasons
1. too far from Ferengi space
2. new ships have too many problems and are a real headache. This being a shakedown cruse is just a headache in a bottle and Starfleet just forced it on me.
3. most important. the mission of the Hurricane is to patrol an area of space along both the Klingon and Tholian borders. I really don’t like Tholians. They are too alien and don’t think like intelligent people should.
We shall see how this new posting plays out. The only good news is that my buddy Commander Kyron Vedick is also being assigned to the same ship.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 167.2
Location: Starbase 1 (Earth Stardock)

Admiral Quinn has requested a favor. Won’t complain as having an admiral in my pocket my come in handy one day. We have to transport a human troublemaker named Walker to K-7 where we will meet up with the Hurricane. Should be an interesting month in space. We also picked up a Vulcan named Lt. T’Prel.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 167.4
Location: Risa

After much deliberation we took a detour to Risa. technically it is against the rules but not explicitly. I believe that getting to know the culture of our new captain will help us to work better with the new ship. The casino is really nice and the Holo Leeta on the Dabo table was pristine. T’prel went off to play in a holosuite while Walker simply disappeared. Kyron did his usual and ended up on the dance floor.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 167.5
Location: Xerxes IV

Four days out from K-7 we received a distress signal from a remote science team on an uninhabited planet. The planet was being blasted with an Ion storm. Following protocol, we reported that we were going to investigate. The storm was rough and forced us to make a crash landing three kilometers from the science station. After assessing injuries we headed for the station. Immediately we were beset with primitive people using clubs. We stunned them into submission and discovered that they were a part of the team we were here to rescue. Some kind of pathogen had forced them to devolve.

We traveled to the science station and discovered more people in the early stages of degeneration. Dr. Heidi Schipp and Dr. Jasper Conrad were in rough shape but communicated with us what they knew of the situation. Apparently the Ion Storm reacted with the atmosphere of the planet and generated some kind of degenerative field. We also learned that the researchers had discovered a possible cure for Aunt Jooma’s degenerative disorder and we learned that one of Kyron’s former girl friends was among the lost in the wilderness. Using the facilities labs I worked with Lt, T’prel and discovered a cure. We saved everyone and escaped the storm thanks to my team. Unfortunately that cure for Aunt Jooma looks to be on hold.


A New Dawn Rises

Q watched with a certain amount of glee as her chosen agent ignited the stellar mass – this action would help push her agenda forward. As the star slowly expanded, Q looked forward into the timestream, noting the changes that would take place. The new tapestry was starting to take shape – all that was needed was a little tug on a thread here, a cut of a thread there, and the new skein was all but assured.

All that was left to do now would be to ensure the rest of the Continuum were distracted… Q departed before any Others could note her interest…


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