Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Crazy Eight’s Personal Log Timeline 2 - Episode 0

So it wasn't the final log after all

Loggybook, Me Back and Me sooo bored. Me take temper ship many places. Me not know if me fix thing but me try. Inky and Mantis say me Crazy. Me make them go poof. Me snort poof dust and me sad. Me get new Inky from Terok Nor. Me not understand why it look like Deep Space Nine. Me deal with Quirky Lobes and buy big boom boom. Quirky Lobes say it make star go poof.Me giggle alot. Me have perfect star to poof. Me gots big plans. Stupid points gonna go poof. Me smile.

Me tell Bosy take Temper ship to Hobus. Lobbybook know where Hobus is? Right? Puter say it is the star that the points need to stay alive. Me thinks big cause me gots big nobby head. Quirky Lobes say knobby head means you are smart. Me soo smart. Me soo happy. He make superpoof.

Me bored waiting for poof. Weeks keep going by and the boom boom not go boom. Ladybug says, “It takes time for the juices to cook and the sun to go super nova” Me make her go poof. Me not like brainy people showing off.

Loggybook me so happy. Me watch stupid brainy point try to stop me superpoof. He fly buggy ship in way of blast and he use red brainy juice to make single clarity. Me scream and use temper ship to rupture temper thingy. Bosy say it created a temporal fugue. Me not know what that is but whatever it is it make brainy point fall into temper hole. Then Nova Blast make billions of points go poof. Me soooo happy. Me wish me could snort them all. Now maybe stupid points everywhere will be sad. Maybe so sad they just die. Sad points make me happy. Me soo happy. Me so happy, and pretty, and glad, me go dancing, and singing, and . . . me not good and singing. Me go now. Me see eightleggership and me hungry.


Just to clarify, as far as our campaign is concerned, Crazy 8 is the individual responsible for the star Hobus going supernova and destroying the Romulan homeworld – she just hate herself some ‘points’!


Someone needs to just phaser this crazy skirt

She is too dangerous to play with


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