Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Personal Log - Bishop 3

I’ve finally arrived at the station DS9, which apparently wasn’t created by Starfleet, but instead had been captured in an earlier war, or something to that effect. Doesn’t really matter, it’s got decent size and room to move around in, plenty of places to go and people to meet, and a few more things to do than are normally found aboard a ship.

The Odyssey was about a week behind us, so I was gonna have plenty of time to rest up and get to know some of the crew I was supposed to be working with. And then Bahb happened; he’s an egghead, have I mentioned? I had asked Tivna out for a drink, and we wound up at a place called ’Quark’s’, on the main promenade of the station. We ran into a friend of Tivna’s, an engineering lieutenant, Tiffany Sommers, and were just settling in to order some food when Bahb walked over with a proposition. He’d been running some calculations about that wormhole that had brought me halfway across the galaxy and thought he’d determined an appearance of one in a ‘nearby’ system. He thought I might be interested (I was) and next thing I knew we had a road trip planned.

Tiffany wanted to go, but Tivna thought it was a bad idea – seems she had a better understanding of the kinda crap Bahb gets into. I’m just gonna say that he likes to run right up to the edge of breaking the rules, and then take a step across when he thinks nobody’s looking. Then we ran into Chani and she decided to come along too.

Two days later we’re in the system Bahb located – binary stars with three asteroid rings. We were taking sensor scans and hoping to witness a wormhole. Success! It fucking opened right on top of us and then we were gone, off to what might have been the same two stars, only this system had no asteroids and five planets, one of which was rather close. Then we hit the mountain.

Kyron had been in the cockpit, and actually managed to minimize the damage – though I suppose if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be making this log entry, would I? We started repairs and were contacted by a ship that had witnessed our accident. They offered to send down a shuttle to help out, but Starfleet officers apparently don’t accept aid, so we took the time, made our repairs, and headed into orbit to meet our neighbors.

The ship was the USS Reliant, of the Planetary Union. True to his word, Bahb had found a wormhole to take us to another dimension – it wasn’t where I was from, but he considered the whole thing to be a success anyhow. We made ‘first contact’ (even though they were from Earth), attended a party in our honor, and made some friends. They told us about the Union, we told them about the Federation, and then their enemies, the Krill showed up, right around the time the last wormhole that could take us home was going to appear. Life’s never easy, is it?

Starfleet did their science thing and did something with the deflector to get the wormhole to open early – good thing, too, since the Reliant was engaging three Krill vessels on our behalf, and could only hold their attention for so long. One of the cruisers split off to target us, but this time I was at the controls. I managed to evade most of their attacks until Kyron and Bahb brought our magic ray online and we got outta Dodge.

Two days later we were back at DS9. The Odyssey had arrived – big ship, really big ship. We met the Captain; well, the rest of them met the Captain, I was asked to stay at the bar while they talked, but I got to see the Captain. If I were a betting man, I’d say he’s not impressed with me, not that I can blame him. After all, I’m not much use to him until we get closer to my side of the galaxy, and at the rate this Starfleet ships move that could be another year, or more. I guess I’ll just have to stay outta his way, keep my head down, and find some other way to add to my value to the crew. There ain’t no room on a ship for a slacker.



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