USS Vanguard


Sovereign Class retrofitted with Imperial, Cardassian, Klingon, and Romulan Technology.
Engine have been upgraded to x1 hyperdrive
Several phaser banks damaged in various battles have been replaced with Ion Cannons and Turbo-Lasers.


Command Staff

Position Name Race Notes
Captain Jordan Archer Human Cardassian and Empire War hero
XO Lyanna Sonson Human Genetically Modified Super Soldier/Doctor
Quartermaster Deanna James Human/Vulcan Ran the Psionic Development program for Starfleet Intelligence for nine years prior to coming to the Vanguard and marrying Jessie James
Master at Arms Phell’nan Endilev Andorian Daughter of the Andorian Ambassador to the Federation/Starfleet Ranger/Has won 32 personal duels
Doctor Jesse James Human Expert in Klingon and Vulcan physiology/Six time MVP in the UFP-Klingon Soccer league

Prior to the defection, the USS Vanguard carried a crew/passengers of 2,500 people. Since then the ship has undergone many extensive modifications and most of the families have chosen to leave the ship. Today the ship is run more like a merchantman than a Starfleet Vessel. The Starfleet rank structure has been replaced with a simpler one.

Captain, Commander, Lt. Commander, Lt., Ensign, Sergeant, Shipman

The total population of the ship today is under 500 and except for a few exceptions, everyone is crew.

Episode 6

While journeying to Ferenginar from Commerce 01 through the Alteran Expanse, the group encountered the derelict USS Vanguard. The Vanguard’s crew seemed to have been inected by something or sone entity, which caused the crew to become violent and turn upon itself. Though the Vanguard was destroyed by its engine’s going critical, there is a strong chance that the ship the group encountered was an alternate, and not the Starfleet vessel that Karr once served upon.

USS Vanguard

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