Transit Stone


A simple stone pendant 4mm thick and 19mm diameter. It wieghs 6 grams.

Transit Stone

The transit stone is an Iconian, tech level ten item that for all practical purposes is magic. It requires the user to create a mental image of where he desires to go. The stone then transports him and up to one metric ton of other things/people that are within 5 meters of him. The user must visualize himself and all he desires to travel with him. He then rolls Intellect + Perception + Vehicle Operations, Temporal to activate the stone. A failed roll will result in travel to a random place up to one sector away per point missed by. A roll failed by 5 or more points will result in travel to another dimension, time, or galaxy and the device will become inert for up to one month.

Familiarity TN
Extremely Well Known (lived there for years) 3
Well Known (lived there for months / visits at least once a week) 5
Known (Visits at least once a month) 8
Not Well Known (Been there more than once) 11
Realatively Unknown (Been there one time) 14

The Transit process is instantaneous but it does have a cost as per the following table. The loss of fitness occurs to everyone transported as well as everyone within 5 meters per sector traveled. If fitness is dropped to 0 or lower the person will lose one health row per hour until dead or the vitality has been restored to at least a 1.

Distance Traveled Penalty Duration
Up to one sector n/a n/a
1-5 Sectors -1 Fitness 24 Hours
5-15 Sectors -2 Fitness 48 Hours
15-30 Sectors -3 Fitness 72 Hours
30-60 Sectors -4 Fitness 96 Hours
60-120 Sectors -5 Fitness 120 Hours
Episode 36

Thanos sold his share to speak with the Oracle for this simple stone. He then spent the next week lost in space as he tried to figure out how to get back when his first use of the stone took him to a primitive planet and left him with no food or water. Further screw ups took him to five other planets and he acquired a flulike illness that took him four days to beat.

Transit Stone

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