Alyr's Former Ship



Combat Cargo Freighter

Has both a Hyper Drive and Warp Drive

4 retractable weapon ports for a wide variety of weapons.

It currently has 2 phaser banks and 2 ion cannons.

It’s weapons systems are not that powerful but are good enough to fend off any fighters. It’s armor and shields are excellent as the vessel was designed to take a beating during supply runs.

Their is an expansion pack available that will open up photon torpedoes but the Starlight does not have them. When installed, each one uses up two of the weapon ports allows for two torpedoes to be fired at once.


This was originally an Orion cargo freighter used to supply battle fleets with supplies. Some of the cargo area has been retrofitted for living space.

This is the ship that Alyr Torin used to own. It was last seen in the possession of Barty Banks.


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