Portable Phaser Turret


Size: Cube 15cm per side
Mass: 5 kg

This cube is placed on the ground and a Soldier (Personal Equipment) skill test difficulty 5 is made. If successful the turret deploys creating a double barrel phaser with a 360 firing arc.

The turret deployed is tyically a mark 4 type II phaser pistol and has 200 charges. The weapon aquires target and aims in phase five, fires first barrel in phase 4, and fires second barrel in phase 1. The AI’s rolls three dice + 3 for its attacks.

When deployed the Soldier must designate friendlies within sight of the turret or through comm codes. Otherwise the turret will target anyone and anything that moves within 50 meters of the turret. When the turret runs out of charges it self destructs doing 50 points of damage in a 3 meter radius.


Portable Phaser Turret

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