Portable Force Shield Generator


A small device that can be dropped after activation. At which time will generate a 2m diameter verticle force shield. This shield provides +2 obscurement and up to total cover. The shield is an opaque yellow and provides 200 points of resistance before failing. Weapons may be modulated to ignore the shield if the frequency is known as it often is by the engineer using the shield. To remodulate a weapon is a Soldier (Personal Equipment) or Engineering, Systems (Shields) difficulty 5 skill test and takes one round.

These devices see heavy use by FIPA and Starfleet Prime Teams.

The internal battery will sustain one unit for 15 minutes or 200 points of damage. The unit may be recharged at any standard recharging station. If the shield takes more than 200 points of damage in a single attack it explodes doing 10d damage to all within 10 meters.

Lasers ignore the shield.

Energy weapons on settings that have rebound potential will almost always rebound on the attacker if they fail to penatrate the shield.


Portable Force Shield Generator

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