Krath [Pick-ax]

weapon (melee)

Mass: 6 kg
Length: 1 meter

This one or two handed weapon is used by the Klingons native of Jortenheim. It is useful in war as well as a mining tool and an absolute survival tool when out on the ice shelves.

Damage One Handed Two Handed
2+2d 5+2d

The Krath was developed for use with climbing the glaciers of Jortenheim but soon became the primary weapon of the Klingon colonists. The cold is so severe on the planet that weapons like the Bat’leth tended to shatter in combat. The Krath is made of an alloy called Colinium. It is has amazing tensile strength and can withstand cold better than any other allow known in the galaxy.

Krath [Pick-ax]

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