KinWaT Pack

A Jetpack that uses Kinetic Energy

KinWaT Belt

Mass: 4kg
Duration: 100 Hours
Top Speed: 30 kph (In vacuum 2g acceleration)
Max Lift: 210 kg (If more than 120kg carried, reduce top speed to 10 kph)

Typical Cost: 800 slips of latinum


KinWaT = Kinetic Wave Technology

This is a backpack-style device that allows the user to fly. It doesn’t use propulsion – rather, it induces kinetic (motion) energy and then directs the wearer via vectored thrust in the desired direction. A nearly identical version of this device is manufactured as a rigid vest. The device is controlled by voice or a pair of special control gloves. The gloves are connected to the device via a short range tranciever and use finger movements for command. This device is popular with mountain climber who wear the device in place of safety ropes.

To use effectively the character must possess Acrobatics (KinWaT Pack). Taking off or landing is a Challenging skill test. Skill rolls must always be made to perform any sort of complex acrobatics, including those needed to dodge enemy attacks. The pack posses a hard outer shell made of boronite whisker epoxy and has 1 armor point. If damage penetrates the armor, roll every round; if the die roll is a zero, the pack fails. If the pack takes more than 4 points of damage without failing, safeties within the device force the character to land. If the device takes more than 7 points of damage, it fails immediately.

KinWaT Pack

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