Grenades and Explosives

weapon (ranged)

Photon Grenade

Type Settings Size Mass Charge Blast Radius Delay
Photon Grenade 1-5 8cm Sphere 200g 1 Set at 3 – 10 meters I, T (up to 9.99 hours), A

I = Impact
T = Timer
A = Altitude

Photon Grenade Setting Damage Notes
1-Flash (0) All humanoids within blast radius without special eye protectio blinded for 5 minutes
2-Heavy Stun (6+4d6) 60 minutes unconsciousness
3-Heavy Thermal (10+2d6) Melts most metal within blast radius
4-Light Disrupt (16+4d6) Vaporize all humanoids in blast radius
5-Heavy Disrupt (300) Explode 1000 cubic meters of rock into rubble

Stun Grenade

Type Settings Size Mass Charge Blast Radius Delay
Stun Grenade 1-3 8cm Sphere 200g 100 Set at 3, 5, or 7 meters I, T (up to 9.99 hours), A

I = Impact
T = Timer
A = Altitude

Stun Grenade Range settings Radius of effect Charges
Low 3 meters x1
Medium 5 Meters x2
High 7 Meters x4


  • Stun grenades are reusable grenades programed to the biometric signature of the user.
  • Use phaser settings 1-3 for damage and charges used.

Force Grenade

Type Size Mass Charge Duration
Force Grenade 8cm Sphere 300g 1 5 Minutes

While only useful in a few specialized applications, this grenade is very popular with merchants. Force field generators within the grenade produce a field capable of withstanding 200 points of damage. The grenade is set on overload and 60 second later the force field pops into place. The field will encompass a force dome between 4-8 meters in diameter or a force wall up to 10 meters tall or wide. The field will expand to fill a corridor or doorway. This grenade is often used to fill small hull breaches in order to effect a quick repair or escape.

Standard Grenades

Grenade Type Size Mass Charge Fuse Damage AOE notes
Fragmentation 6cm 400g 1 4 phases 40 10m
Plasma 8cm 300g 1 5 phases 80 5m
Incendiary 6cm 300g 1 5 phases 200 1m
Concussion 6cm 300g 1 3 phases 30 STUN 5m
Stingball 8cm 400g 1 impact 4d+12 STUN 8m
Antitank 10cm 500g 1 impact 300 15m
ION 6cm 300g 1 5 phases 30 ION 5m
Chronoton 6cm 500g 1 4 phases SPECIAL 10m all in area effect lose two action dice
Static 8cm 400g 1 3 phases 12+3d 10m STUN vs Cyberborgs
Thermal Detonator 10cm 500g 1 set 1 phase up to 20 minutes 160 20m unstable may explode at any time

Grenades and Explosives

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