Gravitic Disruptor

Type Marks Range Size Mass Charge Starship Damage Targeting
Gravitic Disruptor 7 5/20/50/100 250mm 1000g 1400 8 -

Damage Table

Setting Damage Charge Notes
13 Heavy Disrupt D 120 70 Non-Explosive but causes an area of rock 50m cubed to crumble to dust

These weapons were designed by the Iconians and are extremely rare. The weapon projects multiple high frequency bursts of gravatons onto the target; this creates a disrupting effect on the structural integrity of objects and against flesh it tends to rip the soft tissues off of the bone. A very nasty weapon when turned against a living being. In the distant past these weapons were used to target fault lines on planets and cause earthquakes.

Episode 37

While gambling in the Hall of Chaos, Thanos won a fully functional Gravitic Disruptor from Baleer

Gravitic Disruptor

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