Force Screen Belt

Belt that give the user a Force Screen

Force Screen Belt

Mass: 5kg
Duration: 4 hours
Force Field Points: 100

Typical Cost: 1000 slips of latinum


Once the belt is activated, it protects the user from all forms of energy attacks. This includes phasers, lasers, sonic weapons, and flame throwers.

These devices are popular among the rogue elements of society. The forcefield is voice activated; once active a blueish, transparent energy field surounds the user taking the same general shape as the user but at a distance of 15cm from the user’s flesh.

I 20 1/Round
II 40 1/Round
III 60 2/Round
IV 80 2/Round
V 100 3/Round
VI 120 3/Round
VII 140 4/Round
VIII 160 5/Round
IX 180 5/Round
X 200 6/Round
XI 250 10/Round
XII 300 20/Round

Each point of damage reduces the shield by an equal number of points.
Damage from Tetryon or ION attacks reduce shield resistance by 5 points per point of damage done.
Damage from physical attacks are special. 10% of damage reduces shield strength and the rest of damage penetrates.

Any attack that does more than 50% of the shield’s resistance will overload the system and cause the device to fail. To get working again requires a Systems Engineering (Shields) skill test difficulty 5 and two minutes of time.

A Personal Equipment: Soldier (Personal Equipment) or Engineering, Systems (Shields) skill test difficulty 5 will double the regenerate rate of the unit for 2 minutes.

A Systems Engineering (Shields) test difficulty 5 will restore 50% to the shield in one round. Difficulty 8 will restore 90% in one round.

While activated, all seeing the character will notice a light shimmering field with a difficulty 4 Intellect + perception test.

Force Screen Belt

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