Dylec Memory Tent

Dylec Memory Tent

Size: 4cm x 6cm x 1cm (retracted)
Mass: 1kg
Duration: See Below

Typical Cost: 400 slips of latinum


The Dylec Memory Tent is made up of an active biometric polymer fabric that expands and retracts at the push of a button. The tent is waterproof, can operate in temperatures of -40 to +50 degrees, and protects against low-level radiation. While popular and useful, these devices are quite basic, and for large individuals can be quite cramped.

Tents typically have power for 100 hours of use when used in the 2-man configuration. The fabric is expandable for use with more individuals, but power requirements rise.

Occupancy Duration Size
2 Man 100 hours 1.5m x 2m
4 men 45 hours 3m x 4m
8 men 20 hours 6m x 4m

Dylec Memory Tent

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