Denchar Slug Guns

weapon (ranged)

Slug guns from Denchar are unreliable at best. If a blank is rolled on the luck die the gun jams or misfires. Most of them use a revolver mechanism and those that don’t tend to be single shot. Some double-barrel designs have been seen as well.

Typical Denchar Slug Pistols

Type Ammunition Range Size Mass Damage Mag. Notes
Denchar Light Revolver 6.25mm 5/15/20/30 125mm 300g 2+1d6 6c -
Denchar Light Pistol 6.25mm 5/15/20/30 150mm 750g 2+1d6 6b -
Denchar Medium Revolver 7.62mm – 9mm 5/20/35/50 175mm 900g 4+1d6 6c -
Denchar Medium Pistol 7.62mm – 9mm 5/20/35/50 150mm 750g 4+1d6 8b -
Denchar Large Revolver 9mm – 11.5mm 5/25/40/65 235mm 1000g 6+1d6 6c -
Denchar Large Pistol 9mm – 11.5mm 5/25/40/65 220mm 1100g 6+1d6 8 – 15b -
Denchar Heavy Revolver 12mm 5/25/50/75 250mm 1500g 8+1d6 6c -
Denchar Heavy Pistol 12mm 5/25/50/75 270mm 1900g 8+1d6 8b -

Typical Denchar Slug Rifles

Type Ammunition Range Size Mass Damage Mag. Notes
Denchar Light Rifle 6.25mm 5/50/100/200 1000mm 3000g 4+1d6 10b -
Denchar Hunting Rifle 7.62mm 5/50/200/600 1100mm 4500g 10+1d6 10b -
Denchar Shotgun 19mm shot 5/25/75/100 1100mm 4000g 6+2d6 6i or 6b -


As energy weapons are hard to come by in the Denchar Colony, people have reverted back to using projectile weapons. Slug guns are the main weapon of the day for the more powerful players in Xebec’s Demise.

Denchar Slug Guns

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