Death Sticks


Death sticks typically come in two forms.

A liquid form, ususally contained in a small tube of red or yellow ixetal cilona fluid, which can be added to an alcoholic drink (like Fizzyglug) or injected intravenously, amd a hardened variety containing dried granules of the drug which can be smoked or pulverized and then insufflated.

Use of the drug grants a sustained state of euphoria, reduces inhibitions, and creates a psychotic state in the user.

According to Braxa, ‘The world is a brighter happier place and colors are alive. The most incredible visions come when sticking a knife into a girl’s throat and watching the blood ooze out of her neck. Nothing is more beautiful.’

Typical Cost: 50 slips of latinum per dose


This nasty little drug found its way into society during the Empire War when Imperial soldiers began to trade them with local occupied regions. The drug is highly addictive and dangerous, and is outlawed on nearly all lawful planets.

Death Sticks

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