Human (Clone) Male
Galactic Empire/Jik-fenya
Commander/Gang Leader


Clone Commander Sixty-Six is famous in the galaxy he comes from. He fought alongside of Anikan Skywalker during the Clone Wars and was one of the troopers sent into the Jedi Temple to wipe out the Jedi. He has fought and killed dozens of Jedi himself over the years and holds no fear of the Jedi Knights. At the same time he holds no ill will towards them. They were the enemy and he was following orders. Now a prisoner of war his only concerns are the safety of his men and the safety of the gang he now leads.

He has organized the gang to be one of the most well armed in the city and they control the streets of their territory as if they were controlled by the Empire itself.

Episode 4

Alyr was able to talk with him, despite Jacen’s best attempt to sabotage the effort. He seems to be a reasonable man, and wants to back the effort to create a council for the city.


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