Saman Undula


Fringer/Orion Syndicate
Pirate/Slaver/Arms Merchant/War Profiteer

When you are in trouble, a friend will say, “I feel for ya man”,
A best friend will step up beside you with a disruptor and say “Who’s Next!”

There is no need to disrespect your enemy. He knows you will kill him and you know he will kill you. Respect in word and deed are what make us civilized. Just because death is inevitable does not mean we must become animals.


Saman was Tarak’s friend and confidant. He actually recomended Tarak to the Sydicate and helped pave the way for him to join. As partner with Tarak, Saman prefered to stay in the background. He played the roll of the cook on Tarak’s ship and aided him in getting new recruits whenever they had need. After the big score, Saman retired. Rumor is he lives on Citadel Station now.

Saman Undula

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