Raza Longknife

Tech Specialist with the Starjammers


Shi’ar Male


Raza has various genetic modifications and bionic body parts, including his left eye, his left arm and hand, and much of his face and thorax. Raza’s cyborg body contains computers that he can utilize for various tasks. His cyborg body contains advanced sensor systems and atmosphere processing systems that enable him to breathe in various alien environments. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, trained in various forms of combat.

He is an excellent ship mechanic and computer specialist. His on-board computers allow him to interface other computer systems which aids in programming and hacking. He wears battle armor of unspecified composition, and uses knives, swords, and energy guns.

Episode 1

Another friend of Alyr’s on Denchar. We need to find him before Corsair arrives so we can take him with us when we leave – if Corsair will even take us if we don’t have Raza with us.

Episode 4

We got information that Raza was hanging out with the Humans First group in Xebec. Though this seems unlikely, we will have to check it out at some point. Hopefully we can find him before it becomes time for us to leave.

Episode 5

Raza was found by Alyr and brought with the crew as they escaped Denchar aboard the Fearless.

Episode 6

Despite Jacen’s attempt to get him to stay, Raza chose to disembark the group on Commerce 01. A skilled pirate and spacehand, he’ll undoubtedly have no trouble finding work. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Episode 9

Corsair, Ch’od, and Hepzibah managed to make a brazen escape from a Romulan transport bound for the Denchar Penal Colony. After stealing the captains yacht, they were able to navigate their way to Commerce Planet 1. There they had the good fortune to hook up with Raza Longknife and Ka’Beck Yetal.

Becky used her vast array of contacts to find the Starjammer and the team was able to liberate it the starport it where it was stationed.

Episode 11

The Starjammers were instrumental in helping Becky break into and deposit her film into Memory Alpha where it spread like wildfire.

The Starjammers are currently in hiding in one of their boltholes while they watch the UFP’s head explode.

Raza Longknife

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