Leia Organa

Princess Leia Organa


Galactic Republic/Rebel Alliance/Organic Explorations


While searching a battlefied, Tarak discovered an escape pod with one living person onboard. The human he would discover was some kind of nobility or something from the galaxy that the Federation was at war with. Never to pass up an opertunity, he threw her in chains. He named he Princess since that was the rank she claimed to be. She tried to escape many times before he broke her. Finally she became pliant and Tarak grew tired of his sex toy. He sold her to a Romulan Senator and her last words sounded like a threat of revenge. Tarak laughed it off but always wonders what happened to his Princess.

Episode 20

Cutter intiated an espionage type attack on the Deathstar, in order to rescue his friend Thuku. As part of his cover he posed as a Movie Director wishing to make a film about prisoner’s in captivity, that would completely degrade and humiliate the prisoners. The film invovled the rape of several inmates, repeatedly by various members of the crew. In the end the rescue was staged and Leia was taken along for the ride. Though she is angry about the events that happened she is also elated to be free.

Episode 25

Matt and Thanos joined a ball hosted to raise money for Organic Explorations. They got to meet Leia and talk for some time. Also present was Crazy Eight and Karr but they seemed more into the fun, than actually acquiring information. In the end, Leia raised 18 million credits to finance her mission to the Mirror Universe.

Episode 28

Leia took the Lexx through to the Mirror Universe but miscaculated where she would end up. The universe, while a mirror of our own, was one in which the Borg had assimilated everyone. The Lexx has been assumed lost. Shortly after this event, the Borg from this alternate place began invading our galaxy.

Leia Organa

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