Ferengi Alliance
Grand Nagusess/slave


Leeta became a dabo girl in 2371, although she was an amateur sociologist. She quickly formed friendships with many of the station residents, including Doctor Julian Bashir and science officer Jadzia Dax. She was even asked by Dax to take part in her Trill zhian’tara ritual. During the ceremony, the memories of one of Dax’s former hosts, Emony, were temporarily transfered into Leeta. In 2372, Leeta joined the Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees in response to Quark’s pay cuts. She helped lead the formation of the union, helping Rom stand up to his brother Quark.

When the Federation retreated from Deep Space 9 after the Second Battle of Deep Space 9, Leeta returned to Bajor for safety. When the situation on the station became less dangerous, Leeta returned and helped the resistance cell which had formed against the Dominion.

When Quark temporarily changed his gender in 2374 to help Grand Nagus Zek regain his office, Leeta helped teach Quark how to act like a woman. In 2375 she participated in a game of baseball in the holosuite with the senior staff of the station against a team of Vulcans.

Soon after moving to Deep Space 9, Leeta became interested in Julian Bashir and the two began dating. Their relationship lasted for over a year, but the two decided to break up in 2373. They traveled to Risa and participated in the Bajoran Rite of Separation. Leeta then admitted to having a crush on Ferengi engineer Rom.

Leeta waited for Rom to ask her out for months, but he never worked up the courage. When Doctor Lewis Zimmerman visited the station to work with Doctor Bashir, he fell in love with Leeta. Knowing that Leeta had always wanted to open her own restaurant, he arranged for her to take control of an establishment on Jupiter Station. He asked her to return there with him and live together. She agreed and arranged to leave the station. Just as she was boarding a ship, Rom stopped her and confessed his love for her. Leeta admitted that she was in love with Rom too, and Doctor Zimmerman returned home alone.

Rom and Leeta decided to get married quickly and they asked the Emissary, Captain Benjamin Sisko, to perform the ceremony. He married them on the eve of the Dominion War. The two were separated when Leeta returned to Bajor while Rom stayed on the station as a Federation spy. She returned to the station several months later and joined the anti-Dominion resistance cell lead by Major Kira Nerys along with Rom, Quark, Odo, and Jake Sisko.

When Rom was given the role of Grand Nagus by Zek in 2375, Leeta went with him to Ferenginar to help him carry out his duties. In 2380 Leeta posed for a holographic version of herself to be created by Quark Industries. In 2391 Leeta was imprisoned when the Ferengi Empire suffered a military coup. She suffered horrible tortures and humiliations under the hand of the Garidian Peacekeepers.

Episode 37

During this episode Thanos made a bet with Bal’eer and won Leeta as the prize. In addition to winning her, Leeta had her brain altered so that she recognized Thanos as her one and only lord and master in all things.


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