Cristina de Souza


British Noble 21st Century

She changes her appearance often and can be found as a brunette, red head, or blonde at any given time.


Lady de Souza is from the 20th/21st century. She is an accomplished cat burgaler as well as possessing a PhD in Structural and Electrical Engineering. In addition to this, she is a leader in the field of Archeology.

In the early part of the 21st century Lady de Souza encounters the man known as The Doctor and embarks on an adventure with him. Afterwards he disapeared and she thought never to see him again. Two years later he returned and brought her to the 24th century where she became seperated from him. She has now been traveling through the Uncharted Territories on her own for several years. Her intelligence and wits have allowed her to adapt to the new situation with few difficulties.

Addendum: Lady de Souza has often crossed paths with Matt during her explorations and ‘recovery’ missions. She might like him more if he wasn’t involved with that tramp Croft, but that’s his loss. In the meanwhile, Cristina intends to keep excelling at what she does.

Cristina de Souza

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