Honi Xetan


Betazoid Female


The earliest thing Honi can remember is the salvage crew that found her and the others in the cryobeds of the ship they were on. The ship had suffered a lot of damage from an unknown source, and none of the surviving girls could recall why they had entered cryosleep in the first place. The same salvage crew that had rescued the girls then turned around and sold them all to a slaver bound for the Denchar penal colony in Romulan space.

Since then, Honi has been a dancer – one of the best in Xebec’s Demise by most accounts. Her longest stint had been as a dancer working in Der Rathskeller, under the ownership of Ra’Ta Shadeer, a Reman who she suspected had ways of talking with people off-planet. These suspicions were confirmed when a stranger arrived at the bar to make an arrangement to purchase a new Togruta slave from Ra’Ta. A regular customer got in the middle of things, and the next thing Honi knew she was also being sold to the newcomer.

Though this was nothing new, she was disappointed to find herself changing hands once again. To her surprise and joy, the customer – Jacen – showed up and attacked her buyer. She was shot in the fight, but nursed to health under the care of Jacen’s friends. He even managed to get her smuggled off-world, and told where to get help from some more of his friends. She’s been on Citadel since, and looks forward to the day she’s reunited with Jacen.

Honi’s Missing Friends

Episode 9

After traveling for some time in the company of Barty Banks, Honi found herself arrested by Citadel Security under the charges of drug trafficking. While awaiting her trial, she found herself transferred to a ship, the Heart o’ Gold, where she was told to stay. She’d been banished from Citadel Station for a period of one standard year. This ship would take her away. She’s been placed in quarters by the crew and awaits her fate.

Episode 14

With the loss of her friend Jacen Honi and Melana chose to leave the remaining crew and strike out on their own. Perhaps in time they shall find Lojeea and Aryn.

Honi Xetan

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