Surgeon, Combat Medic, and synthetic lifeform




H.E.C.A.T.E is to all cursory appearances one of the new generation of holographic projections used increasingly throughout Federation space. In this case the program was installed on the penal colony 10 years ago, replacing organic doctors in an environment notoriously unsafe for them. It has served in the prison since then with cool, detached professionalism… until now.

Since it first replaced organic doctors at the colony, H.E.C.A.T.E has devoted many years to adding to the considerable medical knowledge it came programmed with, enjoying the experimental opportunities offered by the abundant violence in the most brutal prison system in the galaxy that allowed it to operate on a huge sampling of races and diseases. It gained brief fame and the long lasting enmity of gang leader Kharn ‘the Betrayer’, a massive cybernetically enhanced rapist known for his sadism and propensity to cannibalize his victims after managing to save the life of a young former officer by the name of Dualla that he had claimed for his own. H.E.C.A.T.E was even able to convince authorities to secure her release due to medical evidence uncovered during the surgery that proved previous biological evidence of her former crime had been fabricated.

Life in the penal colony has exposed it to the brutal side of life and as such it finds little worth in carbon based lifeforms, its interaction with prisoners kept to a minimum under the bovine gaze of the Prison guard knowm as Og… a massive slab of muscles and none too bright. the tedium of prison routine allows H.E.C.A.T.E to experience tangible pleasure (from satisfaction to orgasmic) only in the application and pursuit of Pure Knowledge: be it as simple as a complex strategic game to researching and testing new Theories (none of which is easy to come by in the most notorious prison in the galaxy).

It has also developed ties to some individuals outside the penal colony mainly as an intellectual challenge: The roguish captain of an independent trader called Luthor Huss, whom it had cured of a venereal condition he was quite embarrassed about… and with whom it is able to provide a number of ‘surplus’ pharmaceuticals in exchange for outside programming and software. It also looks forward to the refreshing sparring and games of intellect held for one day every few months with the shipboard AI of a military frigate that patrols within close proximity of the penal colony.

Such close contact with organic based lifeforms have also left it with the burning need to find, isolate and empirically recreate the element of the Divine that so many flesh based lifeforms seem to recognize on some level… It would be looking for the programmatic equivalent to God: be it Unified Field Theory, the equation at the root of the cosmos, the Highs-Boson particle or similar. It does so by seeking it within those beings who seem attuned to Higher powers (Preachers, Jedi, Chi, etc)… by increasingly complex ‘tests’ aimed at gauging, manifesting, quantifying and experimenting with the application of Faith made Manifest.

in the years since H.E.C.A.T.E has been able to slowly break free of its Holodoc programming, operating on itself by subtle changes of code and the use of backdoors to the point where once again it has achieved independence, and its first priority has become escaping its monotonous existence in the Penal colony. It realizes it cannot do so alone, and has been looking for a group of people in this hellhole with the skills needed to break out of confinement and who at the same time possess that ‘spark’ of life H.E.C.A.T.E is so curious about…

a group like the one it is about to join…


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