Havaris Tara


Tramp Merchant Captain

I’ve got just what you’re looking for and at half the price of that frelling Ferengi


One of the many Bajoran children named after Tarak during the occupation of Bajor. Tara got her start as a Maquis but with the end of the Dominion War she was able to finish out her childhood as a normal Bajoran child. She joined Starfleet for a time but washed out when her values did not match up to Starfleet’s lofty goals. Now she owns a tramp frieghter and travels the galaxy selling shield generators and colonial supplies.

She has stayed in contact with her godfather Tarak over the years as he has invested heavily into her business. He even bought her the ship she now Captains, and she named it after him in a sense: The Lasher.

Havaris Tara

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