Feena Bondara


Twi’lek Female


Feena is a member of the Freerunner’s crew, working as the engineer and one of the gunner’s. She’s a fair mechanic, and spends a lot of her time on the Holonet, seeing what she can get into or discover. She doesn’t like authority, and thinks that too much government is what gets all everyone else into trouble.

When Jacen Daasa and his student Satele Keto booked passage on the Freerunner, she took an immediate liking to the two. Those feelings of friendship only got stronger after the trip through the wormhole landed the crew in the middle of hostile territory. After many small adventures in the Uncharted Territories and the area around Citadel Station, the two Jedi left the Freerunner.

Feena and the remaining crew still work around Citadel space, and Feena hopes her two friends are safe.

Feena Bondara

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