Leader of the Starjammers


Male Human


Leader of the Starjammers. He is usually armed with a saber and a customized disruptor.

Episode 9

Corsair, Ch’od, and Hepzibah managed to make a brazen escape from a Romulan transport bound for the Denchar Penal Colony. After stealing the captains yacht, they were able to navigate their way to Commerce Planet 1. There they had the good fortune to hook up with Raza Longknife and Ka’Beck Yetal.

Becky used her vast array of contacts to find the Starjammer and the team was able to liberate it the starport it where it was stationed.

Episode 11

The Starjammers were instrumental in helping Becky break into and deposit her film into Memory Alpha 1 where it spread like wildfire.

The Starjammers are currently in hiding in one of their boltholes while they watch the UFP’s head explode.

Episode 12

Corsair and his crew under heavy pursuit by the Federation narrowly managed to evade capture on several occasions. Things were just too hot with that girl on board. The crew approached Corsair and demanded that he “get rid of her”.

They managed to slip detection into one of Corsair’s bolt holes to hunker down. Becky approached Corsair about setting up some sort of meeting with Galaxina and some influential people on Citadel Station. He was craftily resistant and allowed Becky to seduce him into agreement.

After a wild night, he loaned her one of his runabouts with a clean transponder. By morning she was gone and the crew slipped out into the uncharted territories. They made sure that The Fly knew of the split so that Federation bounty hunters and spies would not be on their ass as heavily. He didn’t say where Becky was headed, only that she was on her own.

Corsair is a drenhead but he’s not a frelling drenhead.


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