Clarice Simmons


Bajoran/Betazoid Female
Nightclub Owner

“The greatest thing about alcoholic beverages is that some you love and some you hate, but all fill you with an inner warmth. I wish people were as satisfying.”


One of the most loved people to serve on the USS Vanguard, Clarice ran the bar/rec area known as 12 Noon. She always offered good advice to those that needed it and her rival, the Cardassian that ran the Observation Lounge, had even come to call her a friend.

She left the Vanguard shortly after returning from Galaxy 14391. She was addicted to spice and entered a clinic run by Dr. Catherine Pulaski. After several years of therapy, she is back in the saddle. She too bought a share of Citadel Station and opened a bar/nightclub. The Ashen Oasis is now her home and has become quite famous as the best place to try exotic beverages. Clarice claims her success comes from her very mixed heritage, which includes Romulan, Human, Betazoid, and even Orion. As a side note, she is still constantly changing her hair and clothes. On any given day she may wear as many as six different outfits and changes her hair style each time. This has become quite a topic of converation for most who frequent her club, with the occassional wager as to how long before shem makes her next alteration.

Episode 9

The party met her when they arrived on Citadel. She treated them to a dinner and mentioned a stroy regarding Karr and some treasure hunting he’d done during his Starfleet days.

Clarice Simmons

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