Chodo and Eetodo

Sith Master and Apprentice Jawas


Jawa Male
Sith Acolytes


The Diminuitive Jedi that kidnapped Tu’Sutok were the same ones that did the drive-by on Captain Jordan Archer. It was never known why they were so interested in the USS Vanguard but they attacked members of the crew on several occassions. Tu’Sutok was vindicated to his dismay when he encountered these two. Unfortunately, no one was around to see his grim discovery and to this day no one believes that the Jawas are in fact Jedi.

These two got their start as scavengers on Tattooine but when they found the “Nimbus Holocron” they soon learned to become quite formidable in the use of the force. Now they are hunting for their Tu’Sutok to finish their study of his mental powers. The Nimbus Holocron still guides them on their journey.

Episode 29

Killed in a battle with Matt, Cutter, and Karr. The fight was so insignifigant that no one even mentioned in their log. Cutter took the Nimbus Holocron off one of the bodies.

Chodo and Eetodo

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