Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes
Friend to the Hynerians
The Letter of the Law
Dreams Trump Reality
What’s Not Claimed is Not Owned
Females are Inferior
Attributes and Disciplines
Control Daring Fitness Insight Presence Reason
11 08 07 08 12 10
Command Conn Security Engineering Sciences Medicine
02 02 03 03 05 01
Advanced Holograms Hynerian Culture Linguistics Photonic Sciences Sensor Operations Temporal Mechanics
Carousing Gambling Massage
Personal Equipment
Uniform Communicator Tricorder Type II Phaser Personal Armor Personal Shield Generator
Portable Holo Emitter (Embezzled) PADD (Stolen, Disguised) 2488 Neural Whip
Six Assets Metals: Defense of Cait
Forgotten Realms with dozens of modules
Spell Jammers with dozens of modules
Planescape with dozens of modules
Arkham Nights (Gumshoe detictive stories in a mythos inspired world)
Rocket Age
Black Ops (Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon style game)
World of Manliness

Bahb is the son of Tarak born on Citadel Station. His mother died in childbirth leaving Tarak with a child that he was not equipped to deal with. Tarak shipped Bahb off to Ferenginar to be raised by Tarak’s parents. Being raised on Ferenginar gave Bahb a different outlook that other human children. For one he was treated as a secondary citizen. Bullied in school Bahb was forced to become better than all of his Ferengi counterparts. It was this drive to prove that he was the best Ferengi that drove Bahb to join Starfleet. “If Starfleet is good enough for the nephew of the Grand Nagus, then it is good enough for me,” he told his grandparents as he left for Starfleet Academy.

Bahb has made a solid career in Starfleet. As an ensign he was responsible for discovering how to create a temporal fugue allowing the Vesta Class USS Capitoline (NCC-82617) to escape a temporal echo that is was dispatched to investigate. Details of the mission are classified.

During his second tour he was assigned to the explorations vessel USS Nash (NCC-20105), a Sydney Class ship. The ship discovered an unstable wormhole near Defari Outpost #3. While investigating the anomaly the ship was pulled through and arrived somewhere deep inside of the Hynerian Empire. Bahb’s upbringing as a Ferengi allowed him to recognize similarities between the Ferengi and Hynerian culture. As negotiations with the Hynerians seemed to be about to implode, Bahb took a reckless gamble and challenged the Hynerian Dominar to a game of Padong. The Dominar accepted and soon the game began. Bahb had never played the game but thought it look similar to Dabo. He was wrong but his lucky mistake won him the game and the aid his ship needed to get home. The Hynerians were so impressed by Bahb’s reckless and ingenious moves in the game that they declared a national holiday in honor of Bahb. He was even offered a seat as an advisor to the Hynerian Dominar but turned it down, citing his duty to Starfleet and his crew.

Upon returning to Defari Outpost #3, Bahb was sent to Starfleet Academy to teach cadets. One year later we begin our story…

Bahb’s Logs

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